Queens Season 2

Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

Queens Season 2

Queens is a musical drama television series created by Zahir McGhee that follows four friends — Brianna, Naomi, Jill, and Valeria. They were previously members of the iconic hip-hop group Nasty Bitches. The women swept over the music industry in the 1990s with their sheer skill and energy. 

However, their current condition portrays a different image since they hardly talk to one another. However, a serendipitous meeting in their forties enables them to resurrect Nasty Bitches and achieve new heights of renown.

Thus starts the quest of the former musical superstars to conquer their demons and recover their rightful place as history’s greatest hip-hop group. 

The show’s first season wowed viewers with its foot-tapping musical numbers and intriguing plot that explored sisterhood and interpersonal connections. 

Naturally, fans are eager to learn if the program will ever return for a second season. Allay your fears; here is all we know about the second season of ‘Queens’!

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When Is Queens Season 2 Coming Out?

Season 1 of ‘Queens’ debuted on ABC on October 19, 2021. It finished its run on February 15, 2022, has shown a total of 13 episodes, each lasting roughly 42 minutes.

The producers have made no formal comments on the show’s renewal for a second season as of this writing. However, considering the success of season 1 among fans and the several alternative plot lines remaining to explore after the closing episode, there is a strong likelihood that the program will return for at least one further season. 

Additionally, numerous other musical drama series, such as ‘Glee’ and ‘High School Musical: The Series,’ has been renewed for at least two seasons to keep audiences entertained. If ‘Queens’ continues on this course, the likelihood of a possible season 2 will grow.

Given the above, the network will very certainly renew the program for a second season in the coming months. How soon viewers will be able to see it is determined by the network’s production schedule and the availability of cast members. If all goes according to plan, ‘Queens’ season 2 should premiere in Q4 2023.

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What Could the Queens Season 2 Plot Be About?

The Nasty Bitches reunite in season 1 after many years apart and resolve to make a return to the hip-hop world. While Brianna deals with her husband Jeff’s adultery and eventual death, Naomi is caught aback by Cameron’s reappearance. 

It raises questions about the paternity of her daughter JoJo, but it is quickly established that Eric is the father. Elsewhere, Jill battles previous pain while Valeria seeks to uncover the truth about her ancestors. 

The trio recognizes how much has changed in the music business since their heyday and encounters obstacles as they attempt to reclaim their rhythm.

Additionally, Lauren, AKA Lil Muffin, the new protégé, struggles with business exploitation and drug addiction. Brianna and Eric are shot by Jill’s ex-husband Darren, but the former fakes her death and flees to Piedras Blancas. 

On the other side, Valeria marries Thomas impulsively, and the trio establishes Nasty Girl Records. They sign and train Zadie as a new artist, quickly establishing her credentials.

Meanwhile, Jill overcomes her dread of returning to the recording studio and Valeria’s solo career flourishes. As season one comes to a close, Nasty Bitches prepares to be honored into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, but the women are left feeling unfinished in the absence of Brianna.

In an unexpected twist, another doubt about JoJo’s paternity surfaces. If renewed, the second season would almost certainly begin immediately after the season 1 finale events and resolve the mystery surrounding JoJo’s biological father. 

Additionally, it will investigate the potential of Brianna’s comeback or the chance of Zadie taking her position in Nasty Bitches.

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Zahir McGhee, the show’s creator, said in an interview that “we will continue to create the plot as shown in episode 9, and she will be there in the thoughts of our characters.” 

She has been Queens’ third partner from the beginning, and she will remain in this for as long as she wishes.” Finally, Valeria’s quest to maintain her ancestry, as well as her relationship with Thomas, may be explored in a future season 2. Additionally, new characters may appear to bring spice to the group’s life.

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Recap of Queens Season 1

Since we first met the Nasty Girls, called the Queens, in October, we’ve witnessed Brianna (as Professor Sex), Valeria (aka Butter Pecan), Jill (aka Jill Da Thrill), and Naomi (aka Xplicit Lyrics) rejoin, reconcile, flee for their lives, and now ultimately reconnect for good.

At the start of season one, the Nasty Girls were nothing more than a collection of alienated women with a little chance of making it big again. 

In conclusion, each of the four ladies has discovered something about herself and has influenced other women like Lauren (a.k.a. Lil Muffin) and Zadie (aka Lady Z).
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The Nasty Girls disbanded in the 1990s because Valeria and their manager Eric defrauded Jill, Naomi, and Brianna of their profits. When combined with a convoluted love triangle between Eric, Naomi, and Valeria, the band – and specifically Eric and Valeria – disbanded.

When they have another opportunity to perform together years later, all of the ladies are either down on their luck or seeking a way to express themselves. Brianna aspires to establish a self-contained personality outside of her role as a wife and mother, while Jill struggles with coming out of the closet.

Queens Season 2

Though Valeria and Naomi remain antagonistic, the ladies resolve to resurrect the organization. Throughout the season, all four of them face personal and professional challenges, but they also develop genuine connections with one another.

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To begin, Brianna’s husband Jeff (RonReaco Lee) had an affair with one of his students. He discovered he had brain cancer and had a few months left to live before she could digest the betrayal. 

Jeff died shortly after that, leaving Brianna with her children and a former student of her husband who discovered she was pregnant by puking on Jeff’s body at his burial.

When Jill’s husband went insane, he shot Brianna when he attempted to contact her, and she and her children have been living blissfully on the beach in Costa Rica ever since.

Meanwhile, Jill came out of the closet on live television after discreetly cheating on her traditional Christian husband Darren (Emerson Brooks) with her lover Tina (Felisha Terrell). 

Jill was almost murdered when Darren assaulted her, the Queens, and Eric with a pistol after her divorce, damaging her friendship with Tina and coping with nasty allegations from her father.

Valeria began the season as a freshly dismissed television celebrity and gradually reunited with Naomi, Jill, and Brianna while discovering new aspects of herself. 

She attempted to contact her biological mother but was duped and intimidated by a lady posing as her mother. Additionally, she launched her career as a Latin artist this season, concluding with a successful solo tour under Nasty Girl Records.

Naomi fought tirelessly throughout the season to bring the Queens back together after recognizing how much they meant to her.
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She initially intended to pursue a solo career but finally returned to the group and has devoted herself to them ever since. 

She rebuilt her connection with her daughter Jojo this season, forgave Valeria, and gradually regained her faith in Eric. Finally, they acknowledged their love for one another and tied the knot in a stunning ceremony.

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