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Why Taylor Swift’s US tour is ruining bride’s wedding days

Taylor Swift announces new tour

Swift fans were over the moon to recent news of her first stadium tour in five years—so much so, that millennial brides are even reconsidering their wedding dates.

In a tweet last month, the singer said she was “enchanted” to announce her Eras Tour stop at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on May 19 – “a journey through the music eras” of her career with hits from past and present albums.

Taylor Swift'S

Swift’s 2023 tour dates are unfortunately the same as many of her super fans’ weddings. One TikTok user said that she feels “so sorry for any millennial woman out there who just found out their wedding date is one of these,” while showing a list of the hotly anticipated tour dates.

Many people commented on the viral clip, with some fans expressing concern. One person said: “I’m not kidding we are trying to convince my sister to move her wedding up a day.” Another commenter added: “My friends’ wedding is the day the tour is in my city. I found out and died.” Some people were panicking as Swift’s date fell on their due date.

Someone else said it more candidly: “Weddings can be rescheduled, but stadium tours are non-negotiable.”

Taylor Swift'S

After the fan shared a screenshot of a text exchange with her mother that went viral on TikTok, where she put forward several possible wedding dates and her mother jokingly replied asking if any of them conflicted with Taylor Swift’s June 2 date.

She replied back with a laugh, “Yes, make sure Taylor is free. What if [she] announces her tour is in Chicago and I have to pick between the 2.”

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The follow-up screenshot showed her wedding invitation for June 2, followed by the TikToker screaming into a pillow., indicating she was overwhelmed with excitement.

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