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Why Robert Herjavec Pulled Back His $250,000 Offer From Ghia?

Robert Herjavec, founder of Ghia, and Melanie Mazarin on ‘Shark Tank (ABC)

Founder of Ghia, Melanie Masarin presented to possible investors seeking $250,000 for a 5% stake in her company valuing it at $5 million. Sharks were offered a taste of the non-alcoholic drink as part of the pitch for its viability in the future beverage sector.

Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Daymond John were hooked after their first sip of Melanie’s drink. However, before any offers were made, the Sharks asked her about sales margins and profits like they always do. When Melanie explained that she owned 57% of the company and had raised money from other sources–including an upcoming $6 million investment for a valuation of $35 million–the Sharks knew she was on to something big. The Sharks were unwilling to match the high valuation and soon dropped out of negotiations one after another. Except for Robert Herjavec, who saw value in the business. Since Melanie was offering a 5% stake from her own 57%, Robert agreed to invest $250K for that 5%. But before Melanie could accept, Kevin interrupted with his own offer.

Kevin’s interjection offended Robert. The Shark felt that Melanie should take his offer without even listening to Kevin’s counteroffer first. But Melanie thought it would be fairer if she heard everyone out before making her final decision, which prompted Robert to threaten to withdraw the offer if she decided to listen to Kevin as well.

Robert Herjavec

Robert reneged on his offer, leaving Melanie to consider only Kevin’s proposal. Before making his bid, Kevin stated that Robert’s change of heart wouldn’t impact his decision, then proceeded with a “sharky” request for 10% equity in exchange for a $250K investment.

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By accepting Kevin’s offer, Melanie would own less than 50% of her company. So she declined his offer and left the room. After seeing Melanie miss out on Robert’s deal because she wanted to hear everybody out, ‘Shark Tank fans took to Twitter to call him out.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

A fan tweeted, “Sharks that try to bully entrepreneurs into accepting their offer without hearing everyone are insecure bullies with fragile egos. # SharkTank.” “@ ABCNetwork # sharktank Shark Tank sucks when sharks don’t let each shark state their offer. Childish. Stupid. Total turnoff,” wrote a fan. “Dude, it was a total d*ck move to leave just because she wanted to hear from someone else.

In her green room interview at the time of her exit, Melanie said she hoped Robert would regret passing up on the Ghia deal and that she had no regrets about hearing Kevin’s offer. She felt it was fair to hear everybody’s offers before making a decision.

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