Who is Devrim Lingnau? The Elisabeth of The Empress

The name Devrim Lingnau became instantly popular upon the release of Netflix’s new historical drama series ‘The Empress’. The world was eager to find out more about the beautiful young girl who played the lead character of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Even though she plays the role of an Austrian Empress on screen, Devrim Lingnau originally hails from Germany.

All You Need to Know About Devrim Lingnau

Devrim Lingnau is no stranger to cameras or the spotlight. She had been a part of some small as well as major projects as part of her acting career before landing her breakthrough role of Elisabeth von Wittelsbach. Devrim Lingnau was born in the German city of Mannheim. As some of the details about her are still not made public, we are not sure about her exact birth date. But according to reports from Daily Biography, the actress is currently 24 years old.

Who Is Devrim Lingnau? The Elisabeth Of The Empress

As her name would suggest, Devrim Lingnu has a Turkish connection in her roots. Even though she was born in Mannheim, Germany, Dervim Lingnau’s father is from Turkey. It is her mother who is from Germany, which explains her German connection. The name of the actress itself is a combination of the two heritages that she inherited from her parents. Her first name Dervim is a Turkish word that translates to Revolution and her second name Lingnau is a popular German surname. Just like her name, Dervim Lingnau was also brought up with the influence of both her parents’ languages. She is bilingual and can speak both German and Turkish.

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Devrim Lingnau Early Life

Devrim Lingnau spent the early days of her career and childhood in Germany. Devrim Lingnau, who was interested in the art of ballet, used to visit the Academy of Dance at the Univesity of Music and Performing Arts, Mannheim to learn more about it. Later on, she started to take lessons at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under the guidance of German artist Ulla von Brandenburg. Devrim Lingnau completed her high school education at Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium in Mannheim and she graduated from there in the year of 2017. Before landing the role in ‘The Empress’, Dervim Lingnau had been a part of some TV shows and feature films.

Devrim Lingnau Career

Who Is Devrim Lingnau? The Elisabeth Of The Empress

In 2014, she was part of the cast for a feature film of the ZDF television series ‘Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst’. Soon after this project she also gained a position in the cast for Fluch des Falken, which is a young adult mystery series in which Devrim Lingnau played the character of Yasemin. Starting from 2017, her acting career Devrim Lingnau had a steady graph as she was part of some major projects in those consecutive years. In 2017, Devrim Lingnau starred in a German television mini-series. It was named ‘Under Suspicion’. The role she played in the series was somewhat similar to her personal life as she played the role of Aleyna Kara who was a Turkish-German girl. The casting was perfect as she was a Turkish-German girl herself. In 2018, Devrim Lingnau appeared as Tonja in an episode of the ARD series ‘Die Kanzlei’.

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It was in the year 2019 that Devrim Lingnau was able to deliver a performance that gained her international recognition. In that year, she appeared in a British movie titled ‘Carmilla’. It was a project that made the name Devrim Lingnau popular outside of Germany. The British romantic horror film was directed by Emily Harris.

Along with Devrim Lingnau, the movie also featured other popular stars like Jessica Raine who is best known for her role in the television series ‘Call the Midwife’ and Verity Lambert in the television film ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ and also Tobias Menzies who is well known for playing Prince Philp who is the Duke of Edinburgh in the third and fourth season of Netflix series ‘The Crown’. He has also won an Emmy for the role of Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.

Devrim Lingnau played the character Carmilla in the movie which was inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella of the same name. The movie premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 28 June 2019.

It was the popular Netflix drama ‘The Empress’ that brought fame and popularity to Devrim Lingnau today. The series comes under the genre of historical drama and the plot revolves around the life of the Empress of Austria, who is played by Devrim Lingnau. The series started streaming on Netflix on 29 September 2022. The series was announced by Netflix back in 2020.

The lead roles of the Empress were decided to be played by Devrim Lingnau and her onscreen partner was Philip Froissant who was to play the role of Franz Joseph I of Austria. The story discusses the situations that happen in the life of Empress Elisabeth von Wittelsbach also called ‘Sisi’ as she falls in love with her sister’s fiance and then later gets married to him. The series had completed the first season but there had been no official announcement about the second season as of now but fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement as the series is reported to be quite popular.

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