What was Nick De Noia’s background? How did he become associated with the Chippendales?

Nick De Noia was a two-time Emmy award-winning director and screenwriter with a keen eye for choreography. He was also an outspoken man who was the epitome of an honorable and talented individual. His example set him apart from other people in his field, which is why Hulu decided to create a miniseries about his life.

The Welcome to Chippendales miniseries premiering on November 22, 2022, will explore Nick de Noia’s life from its infancy to its tragic conclusion. It promises to be a deeply moving exploration of one man’s journey through difficult circumstances.

Who Was Nick De Noia?

The late Nick De Noia was a director, screenwriter, and choreographer who moved mountains in his creative pursuits. Although he passed away on April 7, 1987, at only 45 years old, his art will never die.

Nick De Noia was the choreographer behind the Chippendales and won two Emmys for his original short films about unicorns aimed at kids. He married Jennifer O’Neill in 1975, despite being openly gay. There is not a lot of information available online about Nick De Noia’s upbringing or family.

The Murder of Nick De Noia


For some context, the women’s liberation movement had been going on for almost a decade by 1979. In order to stop compensation discrimination based on gender, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963. Women were receiving better treatment in general by the 1970s than they had 20 years previously- this included having separate spaces designated specifically for them.

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In 1975, Steve Banerjee bought the LA nightclub Destiny II and rebranded it as Chippendales a few years later. Here, he introduced male stripping which drew in many female audience members. Candace Mayeron- ABC News’ producer who has worked with the Chippendales in the past- stated that this was something novel at the time; nothing like this had been created for female viewing pleasure before. Surprisingly, when it first opened, the club wasn’t nearly as popular as is now considered one of America’s most iconic nightlife experiences.

A few years after Banerjee created his first site in New York, he decided to bring on choreographer and producer Nick De Noia to create a second one. Though the new site was an instant hit with customers, tensions began to rise between Banerjee and De Noia because of their different priorities; while Scot claims that De Noia cared more about production values, Banerjee seemed more concerned with how attractive the performers were. They quickly went their separate ways.

Banerjee and De Noia came to a solution in which Banerjee would preserve the clubs while De Noia took control of any future Chippendales touring operations. The immediate reaction was that the touring performance generated more money. Banerjee fired De Noia because he wasn’t able to convince him to take over the touring firm, so he sought assistance from ex-cop turned lounge singer Ray Colon instead. who then recruited gunman Gilberto Rivera Lopez.

Where Are Nick’s Murderers Today?

Gilberto Rivera Lopez’s prison sentence for second-degree murder conviction could be as little 25 years or as long as life. In contrast, Colon confessed to participating in a criminal organization and hiring someone to kill Nick. However, he was released from jail in 1996 because he assisted the FBI . Steve Banerjee, one of Colon’s deceased partners, is played by Kumail Ali Nanjiani inWelcome to Chippendales. The show also earned Tony Award nominee Robin de Jess a role portraying Colon.

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How Did Nick De Noia Become Associated With the Chippendales?

Steve and Nick employed teamwork to Chippendales’ success in the beginning, later parting ways because of different interests for the company’s future. According to ABC 7 Chicago, Steve brought Nick on as a producer and choreographer when Chippendales started picking up popularity. Together, they opened a club in New York and supported the company tour around other cities–netting successful results. Somewhere down the line though, their diverging aspirations caused them to go separate ways; while Steve wanted his artists to have better looks, Nick was more interested in safeguarding show integrity according to a report by ABC 7 New York..

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