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After four seasons, HBO has decided to end “Westworld”. The Show had great potential for a fifth and final season, but fans will have to be satisfied with the ending of season four.

Lisa Joy, one of the show’s creators, took to Instagram to share several posts remembering the journey after news broke that the show was over.

HBO’s decision to cancel “Westworld” came as a surprise to many, especially because the show was set up for one final season. Ratings had been declining for some time, but it seemed like there was still more story to tell. Unfortunately, fans will have to be content with what they got.


“Westworld” fell apart in disappointing fashion.

“Westworld” is an excellent example of what not to do when trying to keep your audience engaged. The show went from humans vs robots in parks, to robots being out in the world. This change caused Season three to fail miserably compared to the first two seasons. Some might say that season one was one of the best television seasons ever made. But unfortunately, after four seasons HBO has decided to cancel “Westworld.”

Westworld Season 3 ended with a bang, and many viewers were left wondering what would happen next. Season 4 saw HBO attempt a reset of the show, which was met with mixed success. In the end, ratings for the finale were down more than 80% from season 1, and HBO decided to cancel the show. This was truly one of the worst decisions in TV history; an unbelievably stupid move by everyone involved.Westworld

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It’s a shame because “Westworld” had the potential to be one of the best shows ever made. Instead, it will soon be remembered as nothing more than a show that crashed and burned.

“Westworld” had the potential to be a great show, but it fell apart after four seasons. It’s truly a shame that we won’t get to see any more of Ed Harris’ character in future seasons.

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