Tiktoker Dylan Mulvaney Calls Out Troll For Mocking Her Trans Identity - News

She Is Not Letting Anyone Knock Her Down

Dotted Diamondmulvaney Spoke Out About How She Feels About Negative Comments Surrounding Her Transition Journey In A Tiktok Video

Dotted Diamond Responded To A Troll Account That Has Made Many Videos Mocking Her

If Not Months Now, Dotted Diamondive Has Seen Your Videos

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I Didn'T Get Back To You Sooner Because I Just Walked In New York Fashion Week As A Model

The Activist Said That He Hates Trans People And That He Was Doing All Those Things To Mock Him

You Can Make Fun Of My Voice Or My Outfit, But You Can'T Mock My Identity

The Person Behind The Cruel Videos Was Given Some Advice By Dotted Diamondmulvaney