Was Where What About Bob Filming Locations? Bill Murray’s Comedy Movie Filming Locations

Where Was “What About Bob?” Shot? This is the doubt on the minds of viewers and lovers of the renowned American comedy film “What About Bob.” The film included breathtaking scenery of the lake and the town. The variety of scenes frequently piques the audience’s interest in the film’s setting. It may be simply a desire to learn more about the location. On the other side, many viewers want to experience those vistas in real life, which is why they want to know where the movie was shot. “What About Bob?” is ranked among the best hundred comedy films, a significant achievement.
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The film was directed by a well-known director named Frank Oz.

About the Film: What About Bob?

About The Film What About Bob
What About Bob?, directed by Frank and starring stars like Bill and Richard, is a 1991 American comedy film. Murray plays Bob Wiley, a disturbed patient who goes on vacation with his self-centered psychotherapist Dr.
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Leo Marvin. When Bob befriends the rest of Leo’s family, the patient’s troubles drive the doctor insane. The film earned favorable reviews and was a commercial success. This film is ranked 43rd on Bravo’s list of the “100 Funniest Movies.” The film’s star, however, was the immensely successful actor Bill Murray, who played the primary character. The film’s other cast members include Richard, Susan, and others. The picture was a box office success and even impressed critics.

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The Best What About Bob? Filming Locations:

Best Bob Filming Locations
“What About Bob” was primarily shot in and around Moneta, Virginia, in the United States. The famous American comedy featured some breathtaking views of the lake and town. Fans, on the other hand, have been curious about the locations of the film’s scenes. In addition, the gorgeous lake shown in the movie Smith Mountain Lake is located in Moneta. The main house in the film was also found in the same town. However, the film was also shot in other locales. The Elks National Home in Bedford, Virginia, was chosen to film the Asylum scene in the movie. The filming venues included the First Christian Church in North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. In addition, the film featured scenes shot in the cities of Los Angeles and New York. As a result, these are the places to visit die-hard movie fans who want to see the film’s set sites in person.

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How does the Plot Begin?

How Does The Plot Begin
Bob Wiley has a fantastic work ethic and treats people well, but he suffers from several phobias that make leaving his apartment difficult. He is also divorced since his ex-wife likes Neil Diamond, and he does not. He makes slight improvement despite regular therapy, and his concerns force him to seek constant reassurance from his therapists. Bob’s current therapist, exhausted by his high-maintenance conditions and intrusions on personal boundaries, refers him to the arrogant Dr. Leo Marvin. The latter believes his recently published book Baby Steps will make him a celebrity. Bob is pleased with their first meeting, but Dr. Marvin rushes Bob away to his long-standing, month-long family vacation.

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How does the Plot End?

How Does The Plot End
Leo inquires about the explosives, and Bob responds that they are in the family’s holiday home, which explodes into flames, much to Guttmansttman’s pleasure. Fearing for his life, Leo is made catatonic and institutionalized, while his medical license is revoked for attempted murder. Sometime later, Bob marries Leo’s sister. Upon their marriage announcement, the still-catatonic Leo regains his wits and cries, “No!” but the sentiment is lost in the family’s joy at his recovery, and Leo is forced to accept Bob as his new brother-in-law. The text at the conclusion indicates that Bob returned to school and became a psychologist, after which he wrote the best-selling book Death Therapy, for which Leo is suing him for the rights.

Reviews Recorded for What About Bob?

Reviews Recorded For What About Bob
When the film was reviewed on the television show Siskel and Ebert, Roger Ebert gave it a “thumbs up,” appreciating the various performances of Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss onscreen and the majority of the film’s humor. He called it Bill Murray’s best film since 1984’s Ghostbusters. Gene Siskel rated it a “thumbs down,” saying Murray provided a hilarious and delightful performance in the picture but that the Dreyfuss character and his angry and arrogant conduct bothered him. He felt that if Dreyfuss had not given such an angry performance in the picture, it would have been funnier and that Dreyfuss eventually destroyed the film for him.

What’s the story with Bob? It was shot in and around Moneta, Virginia, on Smith Mountain Lake. The sequences of Bob riding the bus into town with his goldfish were shot in downtown Moneta, which had been spruced up and repainted for the film. New York City was also used for filming. Murray, according to Oz, “was genuinely afraid about shooting in the city.” Murray admitted that he improvised much throughout the picture. Oz revealed in interviews that there was tension on the set when the image was being made. Furthermore, both Murray and Dreyfuss have stated in separate interviews that they did not get along during filming.

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