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Titans Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Shortly before the end of its third season, Titans was renewed for a fourth. The whole team will be back together after their last fight to save Gotham City – and their friends – nearly broke them. At New York Comic Con, the Titans season 4 panel revealed when it will air, gave us a teaser trailer, and showed some awesome costumes we’ll see in future episodes. The heroes that used to make up the Teen Titans have grown up and changed with DC’s comic universe, and this series sees Nightwing uniting a new team of these more experienced heroes. Despite their various personalities and differences, the group is still able to save the day.

The short teaser trailer for the fourth season of Titans is very intimidating, which might mean that this could be the darkest season yet. Although it isn’t a long video, in those few seconds, we see and hear a lot about what may happen. The trailer starts with a close-up of a dark rune as we hear chanting in the background: “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Titans: The Plot

Last season, the Titans wreaked havoc in Gotham city as they tried to discover the mystery behind Jason Todd’s death. With an emotionally shattered Bruce Wayne MIA, the team had their work cut out for them trying to protect the city. When Todd became possessed by The Red Hood and started working with Jonathan Crane to take over Gotham, the Titans eventually defeated them both– liberating Todd but losing their friend Hank along the way.

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The Titans were last seen going on a road trip in their RV, and season four’s logline from Deadline reads:

The words, “Azarath Metrion Zinthos” will be familiar to fans of Titans. Rachel Roth occasionally uses them as Raven to conjure her powers. But these are also dark words used for many magicks from Azarath. The season 4 sneak peek photos included a look at Brother Blood in his costume and Mother Mayhem leading the charge against the Titans this time.

Brother Blood’s aspiration to resurrect their fallen leader likely led him to perform an ancient and evil rite, using the blood pool. However, the Church of Blood may want more than just Brother Blood back. They may be after Rachel as well, intending to utilize her abilities to bring Trigon – Rachel’s demonic father – back into this world so he can conquer Earth once again. The Church of Blood finding a way to bring him back is the only thing that would explain why we haven’t seen him since season one.

Titans Season

Titans: The Cast

Although the cast of ‘Titans’ remains mostly the same, a few new faces will join in to reflect changes in enemies and allies. Brenton Thwaites continues his role as Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Anna Diop returns as Kory Anders (Starfire), and Joshua Orpin once again plays Conner Kent (Superboy). Teagan Croft will also return as Rachel Roth (Raven) though it’s probable we’ll see her more often this season than before.

Rachel might not have been the most important character in the third season, but with dark magic afoot, she will be an important character in the coming season.

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Ryan Potter will reprise his role as Gar Logan (Beast Boy), but this season, he’s getting a bit of an upgrade. The New York Comic Con photos show Gar in a brand-new super suit that is accurate to his suit in the comics. This should prove more efficient for both him and the viewers, as hopefully, Gar won’t have to look for someone else’s clothes so often anymore.

A few of the images also include Franka Potente as Mother Mayhem and Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood. They both look just as evil and imposing as their characters did in the past, with one exception; Brother Blood’s bone mask has been updated for this season. Additionally, Jay Lycurgo will have a recurring role as Tim Drake while Lisa Ambalavanar plays Jinx. It’ll be interesting to see how these two new additions interact with the rest of the cast!

Titans Season

Release Date

The Titan’s release date is November 3, 2022. Two episodes will premiere every week until December 1, 2022, on HBO Max. Then the series will be cut in half and the remaining episodes will premier sometime in 2023.

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