Ticket To Paradise

Ticket To Paradise Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything Else!

Ticket To Paradise is an upcoming film exploring the genres of romance and comedy. The movie is directed by Ol Parker with Parker and Daniel Pipski being the writer. The film stars Hollywood’s two most incredibly famous actors, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts, both of whom also produced the movie.

Will Ticket To Paradise Be In Theatres?

Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Sarah Harvey, Deborah Balderstone, George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Julia Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Marisa Yeres Gill are the producers of this upcoming rom-com.

Ticket To Paradise

The production houses involved are Working Title Films, Smokehouse Pictures, and Red Om Films with Universal Pictures being the original distributor of the film. The United Kingdom, United States, and Australia are the country of origin of the movie with English as its original language.

What Is The Film Ticket To Paradise About?

In the movie, two divorced parents find out that their daughter Lily is going to marry a boy she just met in Bali. George Clooney and Julia Roberts play the couple who decides to work together and ruin the wedding so their daughter won’t make same mistake they did 25 years ago. Along with them, Maxime Bouttier, Lucas Bravo, Billie Lourd, and Kaitlyn Dever will also have starring roles.

Ticket To Paradise streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Amazon Prime Videos on September 15, 2022, in Australia and 16th September in the United Kingdom. The movie will also be released in the theatres on 21st October 2022 in the United States.

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Movie Ticket To Paradise
Director Ol Parker
Stars George Clooney
Julia Roberts
Genres Comedy
Production companies Universal Pictures
Working Title Films
Release Date September 15, 2022

Ticket To Paradise Release Date

Ticket To Paradise release date is 15th September in Australia and 16th September in the United Kingdom on the online streaming service Amazon Prime videos.

21st October 2022 is the movie’s release date for theatrical release in the United States. The movie is set to hit the theatres during the Halloween season and as of now, no information has been provided by the makers of the film as to where else the fans might expect to stream to the movie apart from Amazon prime videos.

According to a few sources, it is believed that the film will also be available to stream on different online streaming services like Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Peacock, and Google Play.

Ticket To Paradise Plot

Ticket To Paradise plot will revolve around the movie’s two main protagonists named David (played by George Clooney) and Georgia (played by Julia Roberts), who will be portrayed as a divorced couple and having a grown-up daughter named Lily (played by Kaitlyn Dever). The story of this funny romantic comedy will feature the two old ex-couple teaming up to stop their daughter Lily’s marriage.

The divorced couple will be seen travelling to Bali for their daughter’s spontaneous wedding because they think that Lily will be throwing her life away for love and will end up making the same mistakes as her parents did years ago when they got married. To bring their plan into action, the couple teams up and devises plans to disrupt and eventually get the wedding canceled. To their surprise things will not go as planned.

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Where To Watch Ticket To Paradise?

The upcoming rom-com movie Ticket To Paradise will be available to watch in theatres during its official release date which happens to be 21st  October 2022 in the United States. Apart from the theatrical release the movie will also be released on the online streaming services Amazon prime Videos on 15th September 2022 in Australia and 16th September in the United Kingdom as well, as of now no proper or official announcements have been made by the makers or the cast of the film as to what all other streaming services will be releasing this upcoming movie but as per the ongoing rumors it is expected to be available to stream on Amazon instant Video as well.

It is also not confirmed whether the movie will be available to stream for free on Amazon Instant Video streaming service or will be available to purchase by the audience.

Ticket To Paradise Cast

Ticket To Paradise cast will include David (played by George Clooney

), Georgia (played by Julia Roberts), Lily (played by Kaitlyn Dever), Gede (played by Maxime Bouttier), Wren Butler (played by Billie Lourd), Paul (played by Lucas Bravo).

Social Media Talk On Ticket To Paradise

Ticket To Paradise spoilers have not yet surfaced except for the ones that George Clooney and Julia Roberts will be playing the role of David and Georgia. A divorced couple has a grown-up daughter who spontaneously plans to get married.

The fans all over the internet are excited to see the pair coming together for this upcoming romantic comedy. Posts are getting tweeted saying “We will never get over these two icons. Catch George Clooney and Julia Roberts on the big screen on September 15th.”  #TicketToParadise has been trending all over the internet.

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What To Expect From Ticket To Paradise?

Ticket To Paradise is going to be filled with comedy, drama, and romance. The audience will witness the divorced couple David (played by George Clooney) and Georgia (played by Julia Roberts) going to all lengths to sabotage their daughter’s wedding. Having been divorced for a long time, the duo will be seen teaming back together to bring their plan into action.

Ticket To Paradise Trailer

The Ticket To Paradise trailer was released on 22nd June 2022. The two minutes forty-five seconds long trailer opens with a Dua lipa song playing in the background, displaying the show’s lead characters George Clooney and Julia Roberts in a flight, fighting with each other and telling a stranger about how their daughter is going to get married in Bali. The trailer then shifted to the clips of their daughter lily in Bali with her to be husband.

The ex-partners were then seen discussing that they will not let their daughter throw her life away and will trick her into dumping his boyfriend. Julia, playing the role of Georgia was seen giving instructions to her husband David (played by George Clooney). The two also stole the wedding rings and eventually got caught.

The YouTube link for the officially released trailer of the upcoming movie Ticket To Paradise is given below:

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