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Steph Pappas Net Worth 2022, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Family & More!

Stephanie Pappas, more commonly known as Steph Pappas, is a famous Youtuber based in Ohio, United States of America.

She loves food, so she started mukbang videos years ago. Her channel has grown significantly in popularity over the years; she now boasts 1.4 million subscribers who tune in regularly to watch her review new fast-food items and cook meals in her kitchen.

Who Is Steph Pappas? What Happened To Her Father?!!

Steph Pappas is a 22-year-old YouTuber from Ohio who was born on July 14, 2000. She’s 5’2″. Since she was only 8 years old, Steph has been into YouTube and creating videos. Her love for filming videos and entertaining her followers makes her the most popular Youtuber of today’s generation.

Steph Pappas

Full name Stephanie Pappas
Profession Social Media Influencer
Sources of Income Social Media and Television Ads
Biggest Assets Youtube, Instagram, Tik tok
Residence Columbus, Ohio
Date of Birth 14 July 2000
Age 22
Gender Female
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Education Hoover High School
Children None
Wealth Type Self-made

Aside from making mukbang films, Steph Pappas also enjoys creating haul films and day in my life vlogs. She opened a second channel in 2022 called “Steph vlogs” where she posts her haul videos, decorating her house videos, and discusses skincare as well. She also has her own line of merchandise and releases a new collection each year, selling hoodies, notebooks, straws, and more.

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What Is Steph Pappas Net Worth And Salary?

Steph Pappas’ YouTube channel has around 1.4 million subscribers as of 2022, and she uploads 2-3 videos each week. She features two to three videos each week, and her films have over 100,000 views on average, therefore her income is estimated at $800 per day based on the advertisements that appear on her videos. Steph Pappas net worth is guessed at 500k based on her following across various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok

Steph Pappas Early Life

Steph Pappas has always been interested in participating in outdoor activities at school. Steph had a lot of fun playing softball, volleyball, and even dancing and cheerleading as a youngster. She never particularly liked studies or performed well on examinations, which is why she graduated from Hoover High School ahead of schedule (in 2018) to pursue a career in YouTube and make money out of it.

Steph Pappas Career Beginnings

Steph Pappas has been making YouTube videos since she was 8 years old. When she was young, she used to make random videos such as vines and post them on YouTube, however, she later deleted her old videos and started a joint channel in 2015 with another YouTuber Ashley Rivera and the channel was named Ashley Steph.

Steph Pappas

She has a humorous approach to cooking and food, which makes her YouTube channel entertaining to watch. She also films hauls and vlogs her everyday life in her second channel, ‘Steph Vlogs,’ which she began in 2022.

Steph Pappas Earnings By Year

Steph Pappas has published 628 videos since 2016, with 2.8 billion views on her channel as of 2022. Although her yearly earnings are unknown, considering the number of views and interaction on her channel, she is expected to earn around $500 to $1,500 annually and have a net worth of about 500,000 dollars.


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Since Steph Pappas net worth is calculated on the basis of monthly views, country, subscribers, and user engagement, Steph Pappas is estimated to earn 11.3 thousand dollars every month from her YouTube channel.

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Steph Pappas Personal Life & Relationships

Steph Pappas was raised alongside her brother Nick, who is two years older than her. nick works as a manager, and Steph is extremely close to both of her parents. Steph’s family has always been supportive of her pursuing YouTube as a career; they have even appeared in some of her videos! In addition to appearing in TikTok videos with his famous daughter, Papa Pappas also has his own successful YouTube Channel. Last but not least, the Pappases have a family dog named Cookie who has been part of their lives for over 6 years

Steph Pappas is a very family-oriented girl and makes sure to make some time for her family. After living with her parents for over 20 years, Steph decided to move out of state and moved to Columbus, Ohio in the beginning of 2021.

During that time, she started dating the famous YouTuber Ross Smith; however, after dating for only a few months they decided call it quits in November 2021. In March 2022–after going back-and-forth about whether or not get a pet–Steph decides to adopt Hershey: a French bulldog puppy.

Steph Pappas Awards & Honors

Steph Pappas has been given two YouTube play buttons, one for reaching the target of 100 thousand subscribers and one for one million subscribers.

Social Media Talk About Steph Pappas

The recent talk about Steph Pappas on social media has been about the death of her father John Pappas. The news of her father passing away was given to the followers by Steph herself. Steph, on her Instagram story, broke the news of her father’s as well as her puppy’s death which came as a shock to her fans and her well-wishers.

Steph Pappas has always had a great relationship with her father and used to call him her best friend. Her followers really appreciated the close bond between them and they were often called the best father-daughter duo ever.

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Is Steph Pappa’s Father Died In A Car Accident?

Although the reason for her father’s death was not mentioned, Steph, in a new YouTube video she published on September 13, 2022, said that her father and family dog cookie were both killed in a terrible car accident when they were struck head-on by a drunk driver late at night on September 11, 2022.

Steph Pappas

Her mother, who was also present in the car managed to come out alive, which she described being a miracle. In her recent video, she revealed that she won’t be posting on her channel as much as she used to post and will take out some time to heal and find peace.

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