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Splatoon 3- What Is The Exact Release Date Of Splatoon 3?

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The creator of the famous game series Splatoon is Hisashi Nogami. The Splatoon game series is developed by Nintendo. The first part of this game series was released in the year 2015 followed by the second part which was released in the year 2017. Splatoon 3 release date was officially announced and the game is all set to launch on September 9, 2022.

Splatoon 3 Release Date, Platforms, Game Play And More

In the same year, an official announcement was made in a Nintendo Direct regarding the creation of Splatoon 3 as well. this new sequel to the famous game series is said to include new features and modes that have never been experienced in the game before.

Splatoon 3 is an upcoming game that has people anticipating its release. In this article, we will go over the official release date, trailer, where it can be accessed and more.

Splatoon 3

Is It Possible To Edit Your Splashtag In Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 is the third part of the well-known Splatoon game series developed by Nintendo. This new part of the game is going to introduce fresh battle stages, weapons, modes, and features that were not included in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

The Splatoon series is famous for inducing adrenaline in its fans with all the ink-splatting adventures. The previous modes of the series have been revised to form better modes in the latest addition, Splatoon 3.

More than a single player can play this game and the loyal fanbase is in for a treat as a new story mode has also been introduced. An event called Splatfest which has been a part of the series will also be returning in a revised manner.

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The gamers are going to be given a chance to play the demo version of Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2022. Splatoon 3 release date was officially announced and the game is all set to launch on September 9, 2022.

Name Splatoon 3
Mode Multiplayer video game
Platform Nintendo Switch
Country of origin Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Third-person shooter
Director Yusuke Amano
Release date 9 September 2022

When Will Splatoon 3 Be Released?

As mentioned earlier, Splatoon 3 release date is going to be September 9, 2022. The game series is created by Hisashi Nogami and is owned and developed by Nintendo. The game will be launched on the Nintendo Switch and the players will also have access to the global version of its demo which is going to be released on August 27, 2022.

The viewers and players will get a hint of what they are in for. The players in this game compete to claim turf by splashing color. Splatoon 3 has also introduced a new mode which is a story mode that a single player can play. It is called “Return of the Mammalians”.

This new version of the game is said to be better than the previous parts and hence, the fans of the Splatoon series and Nintendo Switch owners are in for a treat and can get their hands on Splatoon 3 on September 9.

Splatoon 3 Plot   

Splatoon 3 plot is situated in a city named Splatsville which is also known as the “city of chaos”. This city is situated in Splatlands which is far away from Inkopolis, which is the setting of the first two games in the Splatoon series.

More Octolings and Inklings started moving to the city of Splatsville which resulted in its development. Splatoon 3 will also be having a story mode which is going to be called “Return of the Mammalians” which will most likely introduce new mammals.

A new location is also introduced which is littered with Fuzzy Ooze and is called Alterna. This city has a research lab and a rocket ship and a few known characters Callie, captain, Marie, etc. appear here.

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The city is dark with neon lights and in the background, there are Japanese traditional items floating. The gamers play the game as Inklings who are recruited by Agent 3 and the previous Agent 3 who was a part of the predecessors of Splatoon 3 is now the captain of the group.

Where To Play Splatoon 3?

Since Splatoon 3 is a Nintendo game series, it is going to be available for gamers on the Nintendo switch. The game is officially going to launch on Nintendo Switch on September 9, 2022, and before that, Splatoon 3: Splatfest demo version is going to be released on the same platform for the gamers and viewers to get a glimpse of the game on August 27, 2022.


Splatfest is a special event in the game that consists of turf wars and more. These have different themes and are held regularly in the series. Splatoon 3 is also going to host the same but this time, it will be doing things a bit differently than usual so viewers and players definitely have a lot of things to look forward to.

Splatoon 3 Cast

The main characters of the game series Splatoon include

  • Agent 3
  • Agent 4
  • Agent 8
  • Squid sisters- Callie and Marie
  • Pearl and Marina (Members of Off the Hook)
  • Members of Deep Cut- Shiver, Frye, and Big Man
  • Cap’n Cuttlefish
  • C.Q. Cucumber
  • Judd
  • Li’l Judd
  • Mr. Grizz
  • Great Zapfish
  • Iso Padre
  • Crusty Sean
  • Jelonzo
  • Annie
  • Moe
  • Sheldon
  • Spyke
  • Bisk
  • Jelfonzo
  • Flow
  • Craymond
  • Murch
  • Mr.Coco and more

Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 cast is going to include Inklings, Octolings, Smallfry named Little Buddy, New Agent 3, the squid sisters, Craig Cuttlefish, Judd and Li’l Judd, shopkeepers Jel La Fleur, Harmony, Mr. Coco, Octarians DJ Octavio, and Salmonids, also Murch, Deep Cut members and Off the Hook members.

Social Media Talk About Splatoon 3

The avid gamers and owners of the Nintendo Switch are eagerly waiting for Splatoon 3 after thoroughly enjoying its previous parts. The gamers and viewers are also excited about the launch of new weapons and revised modes including the new single-player story mode which will introduce new mammals.

The gamers are excited that there is finally a game mode with more than 2 teams and also mention that Splatoon 3 has included things that could have been added in Splatoon 2. The viewers were also excited about the Splatfest having a twist this time. The viewers are also excited to try the demo version which will be released later this month.

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What To Expect From Splatoon 3?

Splatocalypse is the final event of the game series due to which the game’s main theme is chaos and the fans have been fond of that. The battle to claim turfs by splashing color is fun and has managed to induce adrenaline in gamers. The main modes of the game Splatoon 3 include the story mode, co-op mode, and turf war. Story mode is a refreshing addition to the game and the rest of the modes are revised hence it is only fair that we expect good things from Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Episode Guide

Since Splatoon 3 is a game series it does not have episodes but has modes. The main modes include:

Turf War
Splat Zones
Tower Control
Clam Blitz
Salmon Run (Next wave)
Table Turf battle
Return Of Mammalians (Story mode)

Splatoon 3 Trailer In Detail

The 30-minute direction was beautifully executed informing the viewers that new players will easily be able to find their way in the game. New game modes are introduced in the game as well as a new Smallfry which is called Little Buddy.

The game shows tiny improvements that are very significant and the whole game is full of amazing features. New weapons and special weapons are introduced and the hype is majorly built up in the game trailer.

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