Slumberland Release Date Revealed! Plot, Cast, And Everything To Know

Slumberland is a Francis Lawrence-directed fantasy film. Fantasy films have provided an escape for audiences. Something is as wonderful as unicorns and rainbows for a brief time. Slumberland, an impending movie directed by Francis Lawrence, will be released soon.

Slumberland Slumberland

The movie is inspired by Winsor McKay’s comics titled Little Nemo in Slumberland. These comics have been an inspiration for other content as well and this upcoming film is the second adaptation after the 1989 Japanese film which was animated.

Slumberland Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer!

The cast is fantastic, and the plot follows three young children who find themselves in a strange world after falling asleep. It’s set in the dreamworld of Slumberland and has a wonderful star cast. We’ll learn more about the Slumberland release date, plot, cast, spoilers, where it will be streamed, trailers, and more in this article. The film’s genre categories are amazing and include adventure. It’s a live-action adaptation of Winsor McKay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland comics published in 1905 and set in 1903. A devoted fan base for the comic books exists that has already drawn a large audience for this upcoming film.

Series Slumberland
Genres Adventure
Creators Francis Lawrence
Writers Michael Handelman
Winsor McCay

David Guion
Stars Jason Momoa
Kyle Chandler
Chris O’Dowd
Countries of origin United States
Language English
Filming locations Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Production companies Chernin Entertainment
Release date 18 November 2022
Official Site Netflix

The production company of this film is Chernin Entertainment and it is going to be distributed by Netflix. The Slumberland release date has been set and the movie is going to be out on November 18, 2022. The Slumberland spoilers have hinted that the protagonist teams up with a crazy and fun outlaw for an adventure.

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Slumberland Release Date

As mentioned earlier, the Slumberland release date has been officially announced and the film is going to be available for the audience to watch soon on November 18, 2022. The announcement of the film was made much earlier but it went through delayed because of the pandemic.
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Slumberland filming began in the month of February 2021 and was concluded in the same year in the month of May and the film is now all set to be released, more than a year later. The distribution department of the film has been acquired by the famous streaming platform Netflix and the movie is going to be released on the same.

The film is based on the Little Nemo in Slumberland comic strip, which was first published weekly until the series ended in 1927. The comic strip was highly praised and deemed one of Winsor McKay’s greatest works.

Slumberland Plot

The protagonist of the Slumberland storyline will be named Nema, which means “nobody” in Greek. The original character in the comics was a male named Nemo, but the film is changing that by using a woman to play this part and adding a unique spin.

From what we have observed, Nemo characters are always up to something exciting in their kitchen, and Nema will also be on an adventure in Slumberland’s fantasy realm. Nema is introduced to the fantasy realm of Slumberland by her father during a bedtime story, and she eventually gets the opportunity to explore it. Flip, a male character, offers her company on all of her adventures and quests as she discovers a man named Slip who tells her that staying in one place for too long is dangerous.

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Flip is supposedly an outlaw who is fun-loving and Nema finds a good friend in him. She wishes to be reunited with her late father and hopes that Slumberland will give her this opportunity. Hence the pair of Nema and Flip will be seen on the mission to see Nema’s father again in the crazy land full of fantasies.

Slumberland Where To Watch

Because Netflix is the distributor for the forthcoming fantasy movie, Slumberland streaming will proceed on the same platform after it debuts. The release date for Slumberland has been set for November 18, 2022, and as a result, the film will be available to watch on that day on Netflix.

The movie Slumberland will be premiering on Netflix soon and it is inspired by the 1989 Japanese animated film of the same name. If you want a little reference, you can go ahead and watch Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland before Slumberland comes out.

Slumberland Cast

The Slumberland cast includes a bunch of talented actors that are listed below.

  • Jason Momoa is playing the character of Flip.
  • Marlow Barkley is playing the character of Nema.
  • Kyle Chandler is playing the character of Nemo who is Nema’s father.
  • Weruche Opia is playing the character of Agent Green.

India De Beaufort, Chris O’Dowd, Tonya Cornelisse, Jamilah Ross, Weruche Opia, and Leslie Adams are also going to be a part of the cast according to reports.

Talk On Social Media About Slumberland

The announcement of the upcoming film Slumberland has created a stir among social media users, who are discussing the movie with anticipation. Many have commented on how refreshing it is to see old children’s stories being adapted into modern films.

The audience has also expressed that this is a different character for Jason Momoa and they are looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table with this fantasy film. The audience is excited to get a chance to relive their childhood as for some of them, the original Japanese film was an important part of their life and they are eagerly looking forward to seeing the live-action version of this film soon.

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What To Expect From Slumberland?

With a star-studded cast and an intriguing plot, the new Slumberland movie is sure to be a hit.
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According to spoilers, the film will be full of adventures and fantasies, as well as a touching story of friendship between a grown man and young girl. Perfect for family viewing, this heartwarming movie is not one to miss.

Slumberland Trailers

The first official trailer for Slumberland has been published, and it offers us a good idea of what the film will be about. When his daughter is about to go to sleep, her father appears. She asks him if he can tell her a story, to which he replies that he has something brand new to share with her.

He mentions that the story is about a place that can only be dreamt of and that place has all sorts of crazy things that she can not imagine seeing before. As the trailer continues, a crazy mystical world is introduced and Jason Momoa is seen introducing the place as his world in front of Nema. He introduces himself as Flip and says that Slumberland is the world of dreams.

He says that in this world she could wish for whatever she wanted. Flip and Nema are then seen doing crazy things in the fantasy world and the trailer ends with Nema receiving a kiss on the forehead from her father before bed.

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