Say I Love You Season 2

Say I Love You Season 2 Launch Date: Is it Formally Confirmed or Cancelled?

If you were in a serious relationship in high school, ‘Say I Love You‘ is as relevant as an anime can be for anybody who has been in one. While there isn’t many masterpiece shoujo mangas like this one, knowing that you’ve discovered something exceptional is a great feeling.

In this day and age, most anime are set in high school, but ‘Say I Love You’ is a breath of fresh air in the genre, taking you on an adventure through a well-known storyline. Because of the unusually cheery surroundings, you experience both pleasure and grief at the same time at this place. The drama and romance are the only things that are discussed in this anime, in contrast to the bulk of other romantic anime.

The show’s story is told via the utilisation of sets and backgrounds in the shoujo style. Don’t be surprised if you see typical moments between the main characters and their “love tale,” because they will occur. Just by seeing the pilot episode, it’s clear where the storey is going to take us. The film will depict every event that may potentially occur in a high school romance in some way or another.

The clichés themselves, of course, do not take an anime to the level of art; rather, it is how they are performed in a way that is both empathetic and ultimately leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside that elevates it to that level of art. When two teens are together, they come to terms with who they are as individuals and, as a consequence, they find a path to personal satisfaction.

The production value of the anime’s artwork is low. But it’s an excellent choice for a high-school audience, since it explains to them what the film is about. The facial expressions and body language of each character effectively communicate their personality traits.

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Most of the time, the audio of the anime is hardly heard, if at all. Most of the time, you won’t hear much more than generic, lovely music playing in the background, and that’s okay.

If you want to experience all the emotions in a realistic and reassuring way, then “Say I Love You” is the perfect show for you. In contrast to other Shoujo series, this one is able to seamlessly integrate itself into the culture without even trying.

We’ve all experienced the joy of being loved, and the song ‘Say I Love You’ will take you right back to those euphoric times. For those who have previously seen the first season, we may have some fresh information in the following section.

Release Date Of Say I Love You Season 2

On October 7, 2012, ‘Say I Love You’ season 1 debuted and ended on December 12, 2012. As a follow-up, a one-episode OVA was shown on July 24, 2013.
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As the show’s popularity has increased, many fans have called for a second season to be produced. The anime only covers a small portion of the manga’s current production compared to manga. As a result, there’s a tonne of potential for the series to go forward.

After seven years and no word from the studio regarding a possible second season, I’m starting to doubt that there will ever be a third.

Say I Love You may be a one-season failure despite the fact that it is still early in the season. No matter what happens with ‘Say I Love You,’ you can count on us to keep you posted on when season 2 will be available.

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Plot Of Say I Love You Season 2

To a large extent, the program revolves on Mei Tachibana’s view that all of your friends are going to let you down in the end. As a child, she was held guilty for the death of the class pet by the rest of the students in her class. She now avoids all social situations and avoids her peers at all costs in order to avoid being harmed again.

Yamato Kurosawa, one of the most famous students in the school, was introduced to her through a mix-up in the communication. No matter how much she despises Yamato, he insists on becoming friends with her even though she has no intention of being around him. When a stranger pursues Mei, the two end up kissing, and it is on that day that Mei first falls in love with Yamato.

In time, their feelings for one another reach a critical stage. The two decide to go for it and start a relationship as a consequence. For the first time in her life, Mei has a true love and a true friend. In spite of this, she is still troubled by her past failures and struggles to show her love for Yamato.

With Mei and Yamato’s search for self-discovery, we begin with their relationship. Kids learn the true meaning of “I Love You,” and that’s the most essential thing.
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“I’m in love with you,”

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Cast Of Say I Love You Season 2

Yamato Kurosawa

Popularity at his high school is at an all-time high thanks to Yamato Kurosawa’s role as the show’s protagonist. As a consequence of seeing one of his childhood friends being bullied, Yamato has acquired a strong sense of self-preservation. He started to avoid this pal in public places in order to avoid being bullied.

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To this day, he is still overly protective since he feels bad about the way he treated his one friend back in the day. His feelings for Mei are piqued by the fact that she stands out from everyone else in the throng. It’s important to him that she is happy as long as they are together, and he will go to tremendous measures for her well-being.

Mei Tachibana

She subsequently becomes Yamato’s love interest and is the show’s major female heroine, Mei. The young lady is fair-skinned with brown hair and eyes. Since she is so thin, slouches are an everyday occurrence.

Despite the fact that she seldom smiles or blushes around Yamato, she’s frequently spotted doing so when she’s with him. While her hair is short at the start of the anime, it grows to her shoulders as the plot develops..

There is a belief that people will betray you no matter how close you get to them; Mei is no exception to this rule. In the classroom, she keeps a grim face and only speaks up when required.

Embracing the idea that people aren’t as horrible as she thought they were after she meets Yamato and establishes a relationship with him helps her accept that. As her social abilities develop, she is able to meet more people. Even though she’s changed, she still struggles with telling Yamato how she feels. This causes a lot of confusion, but they always find a solution.

End Lines

It’s fitting that the series ends with Mei saying, “I love you,” as the final credits roll. It’s Mei’s turn to make cookies, as Aiko, Asami, and Nagi all pitch in at her place. Mei’s cookies are freshly prepared and delectable. Yamato shows his thanks for Mei’s presence by giving her a bear hug.

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