Sacha Baron Cohen is Reportedly Set to Star in a New Show for Marvel

Could Sacha Baron Cohen be playing the role of Mephisto in the upcoming Ironheart series? According to Deadline, there is talk on set that he may be joining the cast as the devil himself. While no one has confirmed it yet, sources say that it is very likely Cohen will take on this iconic role.

WandaVision teased Mephisto’s presence, but in the end, there was no mention of the demon. He comes from a dimension known as hell and has worked for him in an army of minor demons; however, he is not Satan, Lucifer, or Hades.

Mephisto has his hands in many different pockets, especially now that everything is multiversal. He’s had encounters with Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Thor and is responsible for the existence of another character: Ghost Rider. Mephisto makes all kinds of deals with people—far too many to list here.


The well-known Sacha Baron Cohen is not only a comedian but also a versatile and talented actor. He was even nominated for an Oscar because of his role in The Trial of the Chicago 7. If he appears in Ironheart as Mephisto, it might be one of many Marvel ventures to star the character.

The story of Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), a young genius inventor, is set to premiere in the fall of 2023.

Mephisto has been rumored to be in nearly every Marvel Studios project dating back to January 2021. Some people who are new to the fandom ask “Who is Mephisto,” but long-time fans remain hopeful that the character will make an appearance in the franchise sometime soon.

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The Mephisto rumor machine is up and running again, and this time it’s the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series – this time, it even comes with a supposed casting.

Marvel May Have Found Its Mephisto


Several online Marvel Comics enthusiasts have recently claimed that the notorious villain Mephisto is finally making an appearance in the MCU film Ironheart, with actor Sasha Baron Coen in talks to play the role. Lizzie Hill, editor-in-chief of The Cosmic Circus, tweeted her support of these rumors saying “Sacha Baron Coen is involved with Ironheart” and that there is evidence to suggest that the Mephisto rumors may indeed be true.

“I don’t want to be a “coattails rider” here but yes I hear, and have some confidence, that Sacha Baron Coen is involved with #Ironheart. I believe he’s not Dormammu and that the Mephisto rumors may be true. Time will tell.”

@MyTimeToShineH, a Marvel Twitter scooper, posted that the Coen/Mephisto rumor is true and they would make a perfect casting. When questioned further about the rumors @MyTimeToShineh noted that in the comics, Ironheart’s main villain is The Hood but here in the MCU it will be with Mephisto.

and even though he may get his powers from Dormammu in

“The Hood is the villain of the show. He’s a magic-based character that makes a deal with a demon to get his cloak and powers. Originally it was with Dormammu in the comics but here it’s gonna be with Mephisto.”

Is Mephisto Happening?

The Marvel fandom is largely skeptical of this news, and for good reason. In the past, there has been much speculation online about the character that was taken out of context by fans. However, this time an actor is attached to the role, which makes a big difference.

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In the past, when topics like this would come up, it was usually due to some sort of devilish image in a scene or trailer. Or, an unknown character such as Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner (WandaVision) would appear. The Coen rumor doesn’t have any evidence from  Ironheart at this point though.

Of course, we won’t know if this is true until more information about Ironheart is released. But for now, there seems to be slightly more validity to this claim than some of the other Mephisto rumors floating around.

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