Pubg Mobile Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary With A Number Of Events and Rewards

Pubg Cell Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary With A Quantity Of Occasions and Rewards

PUBG Mobile is hosting its biggest 4th anniversary event to mark four amazing years as the top mobile title loved by many. It is inviting all fans to join the celebration. PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games and Xiaomi, a global leader in smartphones, are collaborating on the 12-day roadshow event.

PUBG Mobile launched a roadshow event with Xiaomi three weeks ago in an effort to bring the game closer to fans. In Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Selangor, PUBG Mobile trucks, which are known as AirDrop trucks, made their rounds during the roadshow.

The PUBG Mobile company will celebrate its 4th anniversary with its biggest event yet from now until 3 April 2022 at Sunway Pyramid’s LG2, Blue Concourse, with the mall serving as the official venue sponsor.

Photo opportunities with PUBG Mobile characters and sculptures present at the 4th Anniversary event are available for fans. By posing in one of the specially decorated photo booths, they can create amazing memories and take them home with them. Users also have the opportunity to win in-game skins, caps, and face masks, as well as a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11. For turkey players you can enjoy Pubg Mobile Uc Hilesi to get exceptional rewards at no cost.

The PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary variety show recording will take place on 26 March, where PUBG Mobile fans can meet sensational PUBG Mobile Malaysia icons. The event will include appearances by the following PUBG Mobile icons: Master Ramen, J Hunter, OTG, Yakuza, EmiMohamad, Soultann, FattahZie, Raa Suzuran, Miss Rose, Fiera Fendi, MunaXmoci, Nunaa and Sharina Richie. A race of strategy and wit will ensue between these icons as they complete missions around Sunway Pyramid. The pilot episode of PUBG Mobile will be premiering during the 4th Anniversary event on 3 April 2022.

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PUBG Mobile said:

“In the blink of an eye,PUBG Mobile is now celebrating its 4th anniversary and has evolved so much. We now have our own esports ecosystem and have been rewardingPUBG Mobile fans with exciting content in collaboration with various prominent brands. We are also extremely proud to be chosen as a medalled event for the esports category as part of the Asian Games 2022.PUBG Mobile is honoured to work with the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) once again to create a healthy and inclusive esports ecosystem for all thePUBG Mobile players out there.”


On Nov. 15 and 16, PUBG Mobile will hold its grand finale for its 12-day roadshow at LG2 Blue Concourse at Sunway Pryramid. First-class tickets will be available for those attending the event to see the pilot episode live.

In this PUBG Mobile show played in Sunway Pyramid from 26 March 2022, 12 PUBG Mobile icons are featured, including Master Ramen, J Hunter, OTG, Yakuza, Emi Mohammed, Soultann, FattahZie, Raa Suzuran, Miss Rose, Fiera Fendi, MunaXmoci, and XNunaa.

The icons of the game were grouped into three teams, each led by a different icon, including Master Ramen as black team leader, FattahZie as the leader of the blue team, and MissRose as leader of the green team. Before reaching the final stage – the Battle Royale Mode – the three teams face off in exciting challenges. Each member of the winning team receives a Redmi Note 11 Pro as part of the prize package.

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Xiaomi said:

“As the official smartphone partner, we are thrilled to celebrate together with PUBG Mobile for their long-awaited fourth anniversary this year. We hope that those in Malaysia can come together for this special celebration, as there are plenty of exciting activities. We also can’t wait to see PUBG Mobile fans, Xiaomi Fans and avid gamers try casual gaming on the flagship-level capabilities of our latest affordable mid-range king, the Redmi Note 11 series. Xiaomi’s innovative technology through our smartphones aims to challenge the boundaries of one’s vision, sensation and speed, so don’t miss out and experience all the excitement with us.”

The Road To Asian Games Huzhou 2022 programme includes a national selection event for May 2022 which was announced at PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary event. The tournament aims at selecting Malaysia’s best athletes for the Asian Games, which will take place from 10 to 25 September 2022 in Huangzhou, China.

Speaking at the event, OCM Secretary-General Dato’ Mohd Nazifuddin said:

“Thank you Tencent Games and Xiaomi for inviting us to be a part of the PUBG MOBILE 4th Anniversary Celebration. To commemorate this special occasion, we would like to make a special announcement in regards to The Road to 19th Asian Games (RDAG) Hangzhou 2022 programme, an esports programme jointly created by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF). The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) will be organizing a national selection event in May 2022 as part of the RDAG programme to select the best players to represent Malaysia in the upcoming Asian Games. We hope to encourage more local esports talent to participate in the programme, especially since we have many highly skilled talents among our Malaysian youths who are on par with the world’s best players. Additionally, OCM is collaborating with Tencent Games to further develop and nurture the skills of the PUBG MOBILE community for the upcoming PUBG MOBILE City Tournament. We are excited to discover even more young talents who will be representing Malaysia to compete on the global stage in the near future.”

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Malaysia’s National Olympic Committee is the national governing body for the country’s athletes. Using sport and education to cultivate a spirit of sportsmanship, the council aims to boost Malaysia’s Olympic athletes’ performance.

There are plans for Malaysia’s esports team to compete for gold at the Asian Games 2022 esports category which includes PUBG Mobile.
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Asia’s best athletes will compete at the Asian Games 2022 every four years.
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By the standards of the International Olympic Committee, the Asian Games 2022 will be the second largest global sports event after the Olympic Games. In September 2022, the Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou, China.

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