Olivia Dunne encourages everyone to have a happy ‘Bama Hate Week’ as she takes aim at Alabama.

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Alabama and LSU are set to play each other in a highly anticipated game, and Olivia Dunne from LSU made her allegiances clear. On Friday, she shared a video asking if she looks good with the caption “happy bama hate week.”

LS gymnast gears up to take on Bama in video that has gone viral

The bama hate week video circulated quickly online, receiving more than 1.6 million views in less than a day.

Olivia’s posts always had a high number of likes and comments, so she knew that when someone asked her to name an NFL player in a comment, people would pay attention. She responded with “Mr. Burrow” on purpose, knowing full well that it would be associated with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.


Olivia Dunne Is Still Dropping Joe Burrow Hints

As is often the case on the internet, speculation ran wild in the comment section after Olivia’s response. Many suggested that the two might be more than friends.

One of the tamer commenters renamed her “Livvy Burrow.” While another said, “I knew you had a thing for him.

Olivia Dunne

As Joe Kinsey has previously noticed, there may be a pattern developing of players chasing after certain jerseys.

We’re not sure if Olivia is jersey chasing or trolling here, but she’s certainly ready for the big game that could end Bama’s playoff hopes. (Image Credit: Olivia Dunne/Instagram Story)

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