Never Have I Ever Season 3 (All about the upcoming new season)

Time flies when you’re in high school. It seems like it takes forever, but it goes by quickly. The new season of “Never Have I Ever” is going to speed through the junior year too.

Never Have I Ever Season 3


The Netflix series returns to the life of a high school student named Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). After her father died, Devi spent her first year as a social outcast. The first two seasons of Never Have I Ever focused on her quest to gain social status during sophomore year, continue excelling at her studies, and balance her strict mother’s expectations. With a fun, eclectic cast to round Devi out, Never Have I Ever succeeded in balancing over-the-top hijinks with genuine heart and nailing the big feelings of being a teenager.

What will this new season bring us?

In Season 3, Devi and popular guy Paxton (Darren Barnet) start dating. But the rest of their school is shocked because Devi is not popular as he is. Eventually, Devi starts to doubt Paxton’s feelings for her. 

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Meanwhile, her friends have their own relationship problems. Fabiola (acted by Lee Rodriguez) tries to navigate a long-distance relationship while Eleanor (acted by Ramona Young) isn’t sure if slacker friend Trent (Benjamin Norris) likes her, and Ben (Jaren Lewison) keeps messing up his relationships.

Never Have I Ever Season 3


This all seems like enough setup and plot to make a whole season. But the show quickly solves all of those separate plot points. Then it introduces new problems that also get solved quickly.

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Never Have I Ever is a comedy made up of 30-minute episodes, so some level of episodic detachment is expected. But this time around, the connections between the separate episodes seem thinner than ever. It’s not quite a “one problem per episode” sitcom formula, but it doesn’t have as much throughline this time around compared to seasons past.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 – Is it racing towards the end?

The show has a lot of characters. So many, in fact that some of them don’t get enough screen time. When one of them does have a story moment, it lasts for just one or two episodes, and then they’re forgotten about so someone else can take the lead.

Never Have I Ever Season 3


Devi and her friends are only part of the story. Ben, Paxton, Kamala, and Devi’s mother all have their own stories. This is similar to what happened in earlier seasons. Fabiola’s coming out story, and Eleanor’s complicated relationship with her mother helped to develop other characters’ stories. 

The show is moving too quickly and not giving enough time for character development. This is frustrating because the characters are still interesting, and their storylines are engaging. The first two seasons of the show took care to develop every character’s story.

But this season has a time skip that hurries the characters through their junior year. This causes problems because it does not give enough time for all of the storylines to be resolved properly.

The characters in this story mature and learn more about themselves and the world around them. This happens throughout the story but is most noticeable in the end. 

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Never Have I Ever Season 3


Devi is the main character, so her growth from someone selfish, insecure, and impulsive into someone able to sit down and process the big changes in her life is satisfying. In particular, the last few episodes put her in situations where she would have previously acted rashly and cynically. But because of what she’s gone through, she’s able to approach them with more maturity and reason (though she’s still Devi, so she still makes some impetuous decisions).

Will there be any New Season?

In this season, characters have been developing so that they can reach a satisfying finale. This season was a quick shortcut that connected the young and immature versions of the characters first introduced in season 1 to the slightly older and more mature versions they need to be. But because it’s a quick bypass instead of a scenic view, some moments are definitely missed along the way. Hopefully, season 4 slows down a bit and lets these characters thoroughly enjoy senior year.

Watch the full episode and the rest of the season when Never Have I Ever Season 3 debuts Friday.

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