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Mick Gordon Responds To Old Soundtrack Controversy Over ‘Doom Eternal’

More than two years after the release of Doom Eternal, Mick Gordon took to Medium to speak out about the controversy surrounding his involvement in the game’s soundtrack. In a lengthy post, Gordon alleges that he was not paid for at least half of his work on the game’s score and that id Software failed to live up to its promises. Furthermore, executive producer Marty Stratton was allegedly unprofessional and abusive while worked with him on the project.

Gordon claims that he wasn’t paid properly for his work on the music, and that the guidelines given were improper. The executive producer of id Software says that Gordon delayed submitting the final soundtrack. Because of this, Gordon’s music pieces were not approved in time. He was asked to rewrite frequently, without a valid reason or explanation given.Gordon even alleges that he was offered money to take responsibility for the failures with the official soundtrack offers anvmore information about writing services at cheap-essay-writing.

'Doom Eterna

The world is full of monuments that can be seen as controversial. The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal has been met with mixed reactions, and now the OST controversy has resurfaced. It remains to be seen if this will lead to legal action. Only time will tell.


  1. What is Doom Eternal?
  2. The Doom Eternal series debuted in 2016. You play as the Doomslayer, whose objective it is to save planet earth from aninvasion by aliens. The game offers both single and multiplayer modesand belongs to the first-person shooter genre.
  3. What is the controversy over the soundtrack?
  4. When the official soundtrack was released for download, fans noticed differences with the game’s original music. The music creator claimed he had no involvement in the mixing of the OST.
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'Doom Eterna

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