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Last Light Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything Else!

The newfound popularity of Mini-Series has given way to great hits like Last Light. This particular show struck a chords with many during its first few episodes and, as a result, season one is currently in the works.

Last Light is an adaptation of post-apocalyptic thriller novel by Alex Scarrow. The film tells the story of a family that must band together to survive in a harsh society .

Last Light Season 1 Release Date Has Been Revealed By Peacock TV!

The Last Light Season 1 release date is something that the fans are quite interested in learning about because they are so enthused about it.

Last Light

On 8 September 2022, Last Light Season 1 will indeed be made available on OTT platforms. As already mentioned, it is a mini-series which means that it only has five episodes which are 45 to 47 minutes long.

Is Last Light Series Based On Novel?

All episodes of Last Light are directed by Dennie Gordon. Moreover, William Choi, Fox, Sydney Gallonde, Patrick Renault, Rikke Ennis, Diego Piasek, John Zinman, and Patrick Massett are the executive producers.

Whereas, Rola Bauer, Veronika Lencova, and Steven Johnson are the co-executive producers, thus, making a quite large crew team. MGM International Television Productions, in collaboration with Peacock, MBC, Viaplay Group, and STAN, is the manufacturer in charge of the show.

Fans have already received a preview of the production from the stunning cinematography in the images that have been made public; one depicts Andy Nielson in a large Middle Eastern desert, and the other features Sam and Elena Nielson having a calm time together despite the chaos of the post-apocalyptic world.

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This little glimpse at the first few episodes of the Last Light series has given us a lovely preview of what to anticipate from the fictionalized version of Alex Scarrow’s realm on 8 September 2022.

Movie Last Light
Season 1
Stars Mathew Fox
Joanne Froggatt
Genre Thriller
Official site Peacock TV
Production companies MGM International TV Productions
Release Date 8 September 2022

Last Light Season 1 Release Date

On 8 September 2022, Last Light series will be available and with new episodes coming out one after another, Last Light Season 1 is among the most popular shows presently. One of the key reasons why this show has been able to become so successful and encourages viewers to seek out Last Light Season 1 is its captivating storyline.

In an interview, Gordon said that Alfonso Cuarón’s movie Children of Men had a great impact on her. Just like in the movie, she wants the audience to feel hopeful at the end of Last Light.

Last Light Series Plot

The Last Light Tv series is based on a best-selling novel by Alex Scarrow in which the main storyline was that Andy Nielsen, a petrochemist, is aware of about how reliant the nation is on oil. And if anything were to occur to the oil production, a series of events would ensue: transportation would stop, goods would stop being supplied, and law enforcement would’ve been overburdened.

Andy discovers that his biggest fears are finally happening and also that his family is split up at this critical time while on a work journey to the Middle East. While his wife, Elena, and little son, Sam, are in Paris, his teenage girl, Laura, is by herself at home in England. Regardless of the distance and the threats that split them, each member of the family will risk everything and anything to locate the others in the midst of this turmoil.

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Where To Watch Last Light Season 1?

The television mini-series Last Light is a Peacock production which is why it can be streamed on the Peacock platform as well as the STAN platform because it is also in the collaboration team.

Last Light Cast

For Last Light Season 1, a television series adapted from the best-selling post-apocalyptic thriller by Alex Scarrow, Peacock, the production company, has signed in the whole cast. In the limited series, Game of Thrones cast member Tom Wlaschiha, Amber Rose Revah of The Punisher series, Alyth Ross of the Traces, Victor Alli of Belfast, Taylor Fay of The Making of Alex, and Hakeem Jomah of the series Kidnap, are scheduled as leads opposite to Matthew Fox and Joanna Frog.

Ross would take on the role of Laura Yeats, a determined and enthusiastic university student who is dedicated to addressing the growing catastrophe of changing climate and locating a solution to save the environment. While Sam Yeats, who is eight years old and battling a degenerative eye illness that is slowly robbing him of his sight, will be portrayed by Fay.

Playing the role of Mika Bakhash is Revah whose character is responsible to make sure that big oil and the British government comply with laws pertaining to energy. Owen Jones will be played by Alli who is an intelligent college student who has been working hard to finish his education. And finally, Karl Bergmann will be played by Wlaschiha who works for the British government in the series.

Social Media Talk On Last Light

After seeing the trailer, the followers of Matthew Fox and Joanne are eager for their next project, Last Night, which has raised a lot of expectations. The fans on social media platforms such as Twitter are constantly humming with enthusiasm, and you may view many tweets in the section below.

“The man, Matthew Fox, is really beyond gorgeous; I’m constantly in awe of him and Omg, I can’t breathe.”

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“Happy belated birthday, Joanne! We can’t wait to see what you create for your upcoming project, #LastLight.”

What To Expect From Last Light Series?

In the Last Light series, Andy Nielson is a petrochemist who learns that his greatest nightmares are actually happening when visiting the Middle East since the world’s oil production has been stopped. Things start to fall apart from there and the world devolves into total pandemonium.

Instantly things start to go bad, and Nielson must locate his family who is dispersed around Europe. The story leaves viewers wondering who is responsible for the oil crisis as well as why they decided to wreak such havoc on the globe. Viewers are going to be on edge of their chairs during this suspenseful story as they wait to discover whether Nielson actually gets his family alive and well while learning who is responsible for everything.

Last Light Series Episode Guide

The Last Light Season 1 will be going to have a total of five episodes which will be streamed on the STAN platform. All the episodes of the limited series will be released on a single day and will be of 45 to 47 minutes long.

The title of the episodes is released and the first episode is named “The Dawning” followed by the second episode as “Twilight”. The third, fourth, and fifth episodes of Last Light are called “Darkness Falls”, “Dead of Night”, and “Illumination” respectively.

Last Light Season 1 Trailer

The trailer for Season 1 of The Last Light introduces the cast and mostly focuses on Andy. work starts to consume him and familial neglect follows. But, when unexplained pandemonium strikes, we see just how determined he is to locate both his loved ones and the responsible party.


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