Kymberly Herrin, the actress who played Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters character’s dream ghost, dies at 65.

The death of Kymberly Herrin, actress, and model, has been announced by the Santa Barbara New-Press. While not well known, fans of 1984’s Ghostbusters will remember her as the attractive ghost that makes Dan Aykroyd’s character Ray smile during a dream sequence in the movie. Even though the cause of her death has not been announced, the obituary says she passed away peacefully at home on October 28. Rather than flowers, her family requests donations are made to the American Cancer Society in order “to further research for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.”



Herrin played a Playboy Playmate in Beverley Hills Cop II and Romancing the Stone, but she is probably best remembered for her very brief appearance in Ghostbusters. In one scene from the movie, Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz is dreaming about being in a castle bedroom. A ghost wearing an ethereal white dress appears and hovers above him before vanishing. A moment later, the scene takes a turn as the ghostbuster’s trouser belt is unbuckled by unseen hands. The camera then cuts away to Ray’s face as his flies are undone. While this might have been seen as a risky joke for a PG movie, it was subtle enough to go over the heads of younger audiences. However, it was cut from some TV broadcasts of the movie for many years.

Who Was Kymberly Herrin?

Many people won’t know who Kymberly Herrin was, but she had a successful modeling career. Born in 1957 in Santa Barbara, Herrin was of mixed French-Swedish-Filipino descent. After graduating from high school, her appearance led her to model. In 1981 she was March’s Playboy Playmate of the Month, and she graced the cover of the magazine again in September 1982 and 1983. Before she became famous for her role in Romancing the Stone, Angelina modeled for swimwear and fitness magazines as well as Ralph Lauren. In 1984, she appeared in the prologue of Romancing the Stone which led to bigger roles such as Ghostbusters and Beverly Hills Cop II. Her movie career was short-lived, but she did make an impactful appearance in ZZTop’s ‘Legs’ music video alongside fellow models Daniele Arnaud and Jeana Keough.

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Kymberly Herrin, who had a very minor role in the movie Ghostbusters, recently passed away. After her death, her niece shared an image on Facebook of the actress with her two late sisters and expressed how much she loved them all. If someone’s role is so iconic and well-remembered forty years later, then they have earned their place among the many gone but not forgotten stars of Hollywood. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.

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