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Kanye West to Purchase SoundCloud Platform After Dispute With Twitter and IG

Recently, Kanye West was banned from Instagram and Twitter. As a result, he has been in talks with the social media platform Parler regarding purchasing it. For those who don’t know, Parler is an American alt-tech social networking service that caters to conservatives.

If the rapper Parler buys Parler, he might be able to use his industry influence to attract users to the platform.

Kanye West

According to recent reports, this purchase agreement will be finalized before the end of this year. Parler’s CEO has stated that the company is not bothered by the controversial rapper. The social media platform has gotten into its own share of problems, leading to it being yanked off Apple and Android app stores.

Parler CEO George Farmer spoke about how frequently Kanye West concerns himself with being kicked off of Instagram and Twitter.Farmer’s purchase of Parler will help him freely share his opinions on issues that concern him. He also expresses his disgust with big social media firms who try to silence people with opposing viewpoints.

Kanye West

As of right now, Kanye has 91 followers on Parler. However, in just a matter of days, that number has skyrocketed to 39,000 fans. With the recent addition of Kanye West to their platform, Parler is boasting 16.5 million followers and counting. It’s safe to say that this trend will continue with Mr. West’s influence driving even more traffic and engagement to the site

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