Brazil's Isabella Menin

Isabella Menin Wins Miss Grand International 2022; PH finishes in Top 20

Isabella Menin of Brazil is crowned Miss Grand International by her predecessor, Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên of Vietnam.

Isabella Menin of Brazil won Miss Grand International 2022 at a four-hour pageant in West Java, Indonesia, while Roberta Tamondong of the Philippines placed in the Top 20.

Menin replaced Vietnam’s Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên as the 10th Miss Grand International since the pageant began in 2013.

Out of the 67 candidates, Miss Brazil was chosen as the winner after multiple rounds of judging, as seen in the million-viewer livestreamed pageant on YouTube.

Brazil'S Isabella Menin

In second place were the representatives of Thailand, Indonesia, Venezuela, and Czech Republic.

The top 10 candidates were:

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On Tuesday, Roberta Tamondong of the Philippines competed in the 10th Miss Grand International pageant held in West Java Indonesia.

among the Top 20 candidates alongside delegates from:

Brazil'S Isabella Menin

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  • Although she was eliminated early, Tamondong won hearts on social media- her name became the top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines Tuesday night.
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Pageant fans were impressed by Tamondong’s high-energy entrance and perfectly executed “pasarela.” Later, during her turn as a Top 20 candidate, she captivated the viewers with her sultry expression and twirl.

The Philippines is yet to win a Miss Grand International crown. Two representatives have managed to finish as first runner-up: Nicole Cordoves in 2016 and Samantha Bernardo in 2020/2021.

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