Is The Boys Coming Back For Season 2 On Netflix?

Is The Boys Coming Again For Season 2 On Netflix?

Racket Boys is a South Korean drama television series written by Jung Bo- Hun that premieres in 2021. Studios devised the show, which was directed by Jo Young-Kwang and Ahn Jong-Yeon. Kim Hee-yeol, Park Sang-Hyeon, and Jeong Sang-yang are the show’s producers. The show’s native language is Korean, and the first season consists of 16 episodes. The show was released on May 31, 2021, and the last episode was premiered on August 9, 2021.

The show may not have a high IMDB rating, but it has a fantastic rating on MyDramaList. It has a rating of 8.8 out of 10 on MyDramaList and 1.8 on IMDB out of 10. According to Google, only 17% of its users enjoyed the performance. Despite its low IMDB rating, critics have complimented and responded positively to the show.

Is There Going To Be A Racket Boys Season 2?

We currently have no information about the release of a new season. There has been no news on the release as of yet. Typically, a series is renewed only if it has a large viewership and a large reach. And, the racket lads have quite a good audience. As a result, you may have another season. We haven’t decided yet.

But, maybe it is, even if another season is out, we can only expect it to be out by the next year. Typically, a series must be officially renewed before production can begin. After all of the work is completed, a release date is set. As of now, there is no official word on when Racket Boys Season 2 will be released. So, even if there is a sequel, we won’t see it until next year.

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Racket Boys Season 1

Racket Boys Season 1 is already in progress. And the premiere date for this new series is May 31, 2021. In addition, the first season of Racket Boys is anticipated to contain 16 episodes. Furthermore, we have already seen the first 15 episodes. They’re already out. The new one has not yet been launched.


Racket Boys Episode 16’s release date has also been announced. Furthermore, the new episode will be released on Monday, August 2, 2021.
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Because this series has already reached a large number of people, there are already discussions about the next season, even before the previous season has concluded. The season finale is to be premiered this Monday. The remainder will be revealed only then. Also, the conclusion of Season 1 will reveal whether or not a new episode is on the way!

Release Date for Racket Boys Season 2

There is currently no information on season two of the show. The show’s creators or the official platform have not renewed it for a second season, but it has not been cancelled. As a result, the fate of the second season of this underappreciated K-drama remains unknown. However, based on the success of the first season, it is likely that the show would return to the badminton court for the second season. However, if the producers decide to go with a second season, filming and production might take a year. As a result, the second season could arrive in the final months of 2022.

Story of Racket Boys Season 2

The plot centres around a badminton instructor who relocates to the countryside with his child in order to make more money. The show began with Yoon Hyeon-jong and his father struggling to meet their basic requirements. He is unable to attend baseball practice since he is unable to pay the costs. Hae- In has asthma and she is allergic to dust. The daughter’s name is Hae-In. They relocate to the countryside in order to make more money and meet their daily needs. The last episode concluded with a double match, and after winning, Hae Kang professes his emotions for Se- Yoon.

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Season 2 Cast of Racket Boys

The show’s core cast includes Kim Sang- Kyung as Yoon Hyeon- jong, a badminton coach who moves to the countryside to make more money. Oh, Na- Ra appeared in the character of Ra Yeong – ja, a living legend in the area of badminton. Tang Joon Sang, Kim Kang- Hoon, Lee Ji- won, Le Jai- in, Son Sang- Yeon, and Choi Hyuan Wook play Yoon Hae- Kang, Lee Young Tae, Lee Haan Sol, Han Se Yoon, and Bang Yoon- Dam, respectively. Ahn Se- Bin, Jung Min- Seong, Park Hyo- Joo, Shin Jung- Geun, Kim Ki- Cheon, Woo Hyun, Ahn Sang-woo, and many others appear in the show’s supporting cast. The show has a number of special appearances.
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Park Ho- San, Lee Si- aeon, Kim Ji- Young, Jo Junk- Shik, Jo Jae -Yoon, and others appear as guests.

Trailer for Racket Boys Season 2

Where Can I See Racket Boys?

If you’re looking for some decent sports drama, K-drama is the way to go right now. And Racket Boys is one of the best, as well as the only one that includes badminton as a sport. And you’re probably wondering where you can watch this series right now. This is available on SBS. SBS is also a radio and television broadcasting station.

This option is only available to those who are currently in Korea. Others, though, will be outraged because Netflix owns the streaming rights to this. You can watch Racket Boys on Netflix whenever you want. In addition, there are currently 15 episodes available on Netflix. And, the new episode is already on its way!

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