In a video for her tinder group, Shay Mitchell appears to come out as bisexual.

Everyone’s “Pretty Little Liars” crush, Shay Mitchell, the popular actress who portrayed Lesbian Emily Fields, is on the floor, exposing her true sexual identity through a recent TikTok trending clip. The new trend, where people reveal their sexuality on the video-sharing app has literally made her part easier as she simply uncovered the hidden truth in a funny 30-second video.

Shay Mitchell Seemingly Comes Out as Bisexual in New TikTok

Apparently, Shay Mitchell is being candid about her sexuality. Earlier this week, the teen drama mystery thriller alum subtly turned out to be bisexual.

To be precise, On Oct. 5, Wednesday, the “You” star turned to TikTok, just like other millions of TikTokers, only to join a specific fad, where she did a duet video with a user who indirectly asked her whether she owns a green couch, in case if she is a bisexual, to which the 35-year-old dramatically laid down on what appears to be her own green velvet couch.

The very unexpected reaction prompted many viewers to question the hidden agenda she had behind the video.

The entire internet went into a frenzy following the major disclosure. “Are you saying what I think you are saying?” a user sarcastically asked when another commented, “WAIT, I’M LISTENING RESPECTFULLY.”

although Shay has openly talked about being heavily attracted to women, she was never confronted as a bisexual, until the video was uploaded.

A third user chimed in only to ask Shay to speak more, while another referred to her PLL character, where she was an LGBTQ+ ally. The user with a smirk penned, “ So, Emily Fields was not just a character.”

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Coupled with a pride flag, a separate user asked, “Shay, you come out finally?”

Ian Harding, Shay’s former PLL co-star asked Shay when was the last time she has been attracted to same-sex. Interestingly, Shay responded, “Every day. For me, I fell in love with a person and it was never like I needed to find a boyfriend.”

In 2017, Shay gave an interview with Maxim, where she talked about playing a lesbian character on PLL, who was part of the LGBTQIA community.

In a video for her tinder group, Shay Mitchell appears to come out as bisexual.


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“People are always curious about me playing a gay character. They always ask, ‘Are you gay? Are you straight? Are you like that? Are you like this?” But all she had to say was “Emily doesn’t label herself, and I don’t like labeling myself either.”

According to Shay, it should be the spirit of someone which will make her fall in love, and seemingly, she will continue to say that until the end.

Since 2017, Shay Mitchell has been in a romantic relationship with boyfriend Matte Babel and together they share two kids- both daughters- Rome and Atlas. The duo welcomed Atlas in October 2019 and Rome last June.

Fans are definitely on the supporting side even after being surprised by the news. “Emily was my gay awakening, a user said with one unanimously hinting at the victory of the entire girl community said, “A win for the girls.” Another one pointed at Shay and revealed that she was her first woman crush.

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“Is this a come-out video?” a confused viewer asked.

The news is highly significant to Pretty Little Liars fans, who have once traveled through the several arcs of Emily, including a revelation episode where she goes and dates several women. A part of the fans claim it was the magic spelled by the character that resulted in mass support under Shay’s social media post.

Back in 2017, Shay seemed to have believed no point in having a label, but eventually, her viewpoint must have changed, which could be why she finally decided to open up about it. Similarly, Shay has been receiving a bunch of good comments, especially from young women, who might have grown up watching her Pretty Little Liars and sometimes must have had a crush on the beauty.

Also, Emily was a representation of girls in the 2010s, delving deep into their problems and interests at the same time. No wonder Shay has got numerous supporters and very few naysayers. It had to be like that anyway. However, things must have turned out way better than what she had in mind.

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