How to get Doubloons on TikTok – The Complete Guide

You’ve probably seen one or more of the many bizarre trends and challenges if you have used TikTok in the past couple years.

The newest TikTok trend involves a cat giving users doubloons, which are a type of cryptocurrency.

What Are Doubloons on Tiktok?

Though doubloons have been around for centuries, coming from Spain, they are now trending on TikTok unrelated to their origins in pirate fiction.

TikTok users can store their virtual currency- called “doubloons” in digital banks. These doubloons can then be traded in for a plethora of physical goods that you would find irl; however, the user must keep in mind that these items only exist within the app. Some examples of purchasable items are soup, blankets, salads, coats and services. The current rate for one doubloon token is $0.03968 USD as stalked from coinmarketcap .com on 23 November 20202.


Why Do Doubloons Become a Popular Topic on Tiktok?

The term “doubloons” went viral on TikTok in the late half of 2022. If you want to get in on the trend, all you have to do is follow a cat’s paw signals in videos featured on TikTok’s For You page. The films will guide you through earning your own share of doubloons. These virtual coins can be stored in an online bank for future use.

You can use TikTok to get food and other necessities like blankets, soup, and salad. However, many TikTokers claim that the inflation rate of doubloons is through the roof.

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There’s some ambiguity as to whether TikTokers mean cryptocurrency or a made-up game currency.

What’s Up With the Cat?

It seems like everyone’s TikTok site has a cat, and these felines are in charge of the doubloon craze. The cat arrives, extends its paw toward the monitor, and offers several doubloons for your attention. If you obey the cat’s orders, you’ll be showered with more cash. Since more people are having this same experience though, the value of a doubloon has decreased as there are now many more of them circulating.

The feline proprietor sets the prices, too, by raising up a paw to indicate the amount.

However, many people have fallen for a possible fraud in which they were promised endless doubloons. Some promises are too good to be true–I doubt this is real.


What Is The Opinion Of The Online Audience?

The “Doubloons challenge” on TikTok has left many users confused. By completing various tasks, players can earn virtual currency, called doubloons. These doubloons can then be used to purchase different items in the game.

No one knows how the craze started, but now many people spend hours every day trying to earn as many doubloons as possible. Other Twitter users have taken to the platform to express their confusion about the fad. Since users are spending money on virtual currency, some people are concerned that it could be a form of gambling.

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