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H3H3 Divorced? Ethan Klein and Hila Klein Break Down Their Split

There are new rumours that Ethan Klein and Hila Klein are getting a divorce. Since a few years ago, people have been saying that the couple is going to break up soon.

The first time it came up was in 2019 because of their clickbait video “We broke up,” in which Ethan told his podcast guests that he and Hila had broken up as a joke. But is it a trick to get people to click again? Or have they really broken up?

Ethan and Hila run a popular YouTube channel called h3h3 production. The couple met in Israel, got married in 2011 after dating for only a few months, and now has more than 6 million subscribers on their main channel. In addition to h3h3 productions, the Kleins also have another YouTube channel called h3 podcast with over 1 million subscribers as well as several other channels like “Ethan and Hila” and “h3 podcast highlights,” totaling 2.5 million subscribers between them. Aside from running successful YouTube channels together, Hila also owns the Teddy Fresh clothing line–talk about being #goals!

People have doubted their relationship and whether they were faking it for the camera. In fact, some people have asked them to provide proof of marriage due to rumours circulating online. Hila put any fears or doubts to rest by showing pictures from their wedding day in an H3H3 Q/A video, as well as her own wedding ring.

 Ethan And Hila Klein

Hila’s Infidelity Charge Against Ethan

In a 2019 podcast episode, Hila Klein spoke to Ethan about accusations of cheating. A fan wrote a letter to Dan (the producer of the h3 podcast) expressing admiration, and Ethan looked up the fan on Instagram after reading it. He commented that if the letter had been addressed to him instead, he would have done the same thing.

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This started a intense discussion with the team, to which Hila replied, “if you take the step of looking at their Instagram profile, it is an issue.” The couple shares similar fundamental beliefs and values, but in the video, they had a disagreement about what can be classified as infidelity. Hila was very confident that his actions went against her values, and she was very upset about it.

Ethan and Hila Klein Divorce

Ethan’s actions in this scenario were very nonchalant, which many viewers found to be disrespectful. Comments such as “If your wife has a problem with your behaviour, does that mean nothing to you” and “Ethan missed the point when he tried to highlight Dan responding to the letter writer as if it were the same as checking her profile to see what she looks like. Responding to her email was treating her like a human being – googling her Instagram is treating her like an opportunity” expressed how some people felt about Ethan’s reaction. Although this entire situation was fabricated, it still provided insight into how Ethan might act if something similar happened in real life.

Hila Hands Divorce Papers to Ethan

In 2019, rumours that the couple might split up spread all over the internet. At one point during a podcast shoot, Hila gave Ethan divorce papers and told him his habit of taste-testing food that gives him diarrhoea had caused her a lot of trouble. Though it was clear she was joking, Ethan gave various reasons for why he does it – saying it’s for the show and listeners love this part.

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 Ethan And Hila Klein

So, What Really is the Truth?

two days ago, a YouTuber called “The Quartering” poste a video titled “Is this THE END for H3 podcast?” which added more fuel to the fire of speculations about an impending divorce between the couple. Many viewers regardes this video as truth and left comment such as, user one wrote “[i]t’s no wonder Hila ALWAYS looked unenthusiastic and depressed when sitting next to him[.]” while user two commented that “[Ethan is] th very definition of ‘He became he very thing he swore to destroy.'”

Hila and Ethan posted on Instagram about their anniversary two days ago, which confirms that they are still married. The couple has two kids, two pets, and many exciting things in the works.Based on this evidence, we can be sure that Hila and Ethan are not getting a divorce.

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