Does ASAP Rocky Have Kids? All About His Family Timeline!

Does ASAP Rocky Have Youngsters? All About His Household Timeline!

How many children does Asap Rocky have? Asap Rocky is currently childless. The American rapper expects his first child with singer and fashion icon Rihanna.

Asap Rocky and Rihanna were caught holding hands on the streets of New York today, with Rihanna revealing her stunning baby belly. News of Rihanna’s pregnancy quickly spread around the media.

The pair was noticed in New York City over the weekend, where Rihanna flaunted her baby bump while wearing a long pink jacket. Her colossal coat was unzipped at the bottom, displaying her growing pregnant tummy adorned with a gold cross and glistening jewels.

Does ASAP Rocky Have Kids?

Asap Rocky is not yet a father, but he will be soon since his girlfriend Rihanna is pregnant with his kid.

The gender of the two celebrities’ unborn children has not been announced. The news comes only days after the pair was seen in Harlem, dubbed ASAP’s birthplace, with RiRi stunningly flashing her baby tummy over the weekend. 

Her bulge protruded from her long pink coat’s unzipped lower portion. Chic pregnancy! Her stomach was studded with gems! We already know that this child will be the most fashionable in history.

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Having children has always been a priority for Rihanna, whether or not she had a partner. Rih was asked what she wished for in the next 10 years in the May 2020 British Vogue cover story interview, and she said, “Ten years? I’ll be 42 years old this year! I’m becoming old. I intend to have three or four children.” 

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The writer then inquired whether Rihanna would have children if she could not meet the right partner. What was Ri’s reaction? “Certainly.”

“I feel as if society encourages me to think, ‘Oh, you got it wrong….’” she continued. They will condemn you as a mother if your children are fatherless. However, contentment is all that counts. That is the only possible healthy connection between a parent and a kid. Only love is capable of really raising a kid.”

However, Ri found the right husband. She and Rocky, both 33, have been dating for around two years, and a source recently said Entertainment Tonight that they are “intimate” and in a “wonderful position” in their relationship. 

“After a particularly stressful autumn filled with job duties, they took time to unwind and reconnect with one another,” the source stated.

ASAP Rocky, whose given name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, did not mince words when referring to Rihanna as “the love of his life” in a May 2021 interview with GQ. “I believe that when you know, you know,” he added during the interview.
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“She is the genuine article.”

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Rihanna and Rocky have not yet responded to the pregnancy announcement.
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