Kennedys' Drummer

‘Dead Kennedys’ Drummer Dies After Fall At Home: Band

The long-time drummer for the punk rock band Dead Kennedys, D.H Peligro, has died after a fall at his home according to a statement released by the band on Instagram. He was 63 years old.

D.H. (Darren Henley) Peligro fell in his Los Angles home and died from head trauma on Oct 28, according to a statement released by the police department.

We will announce funeral arrangements in the next few days, the statement said. “During this difficult time, we would appreciate your privacy. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.”

 Kennedys' Drummer

On Friday night, paramedics were called to Peligro’s San Fernando home after he was found unconscious in a bathroom. He was declared dead at the scene, and an autopsy is pending, TMZ reported.

Peligro joined the band in 1981, replacing original drummer Bruce Slesinger. The band was launched in San Francisco in 1978 and had a reputation for being wildly anti-establishment. He was a part of Kennedy’s most influential albums, such as In God We Trust, Inc. Plastic Surgery Disasters, Frankenchrist, and Bedtime for Democracy are just a few examples of the awful work that has been done in the name of beauty. These books will make you think twice before going under the knife.

Peligro said that he simply “pushed as hard as [he] could push” in an interview of his intense style, adding that guitarist East Bay Ray would sometimes tell him to slow down. Peligro ignored these requests and continued at the same pace until everyone got used to it.


As one of the first famous black musicians in the punk scene, Peligro often encountered racism.

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“Music would take me to places I wouldn’t normally go, and it’s fine while you were onstage, but when you got off, they’d get drunk and call you all kinds of names,” he once told LA Weekly.

Peligro eventually left the band in 1986 due to the racism he faced both inside and outside of his musical career.

 Kennedys' Drummer

In 2001, the original members of Dead Kennedys reformed the band with Brandon Cruz as their new frontman. The drummer later went on to start his own band, Peligro.

As a fitting tribute to Dead Kennedys, Biafra updated one of their most famous songs in 2017 in honor of then-President Donald Trump.

While performing with Dead Cross in Berkeley, Biafra turned the 1981 Dead Kennedys anthem.

“Make America smart again,” Biafra begged. “Please!”

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