Blindspotting Season 2 Potential Release Date, Cast & More Updates!

Blindspotting is an American television series that mixes comedy and drama. It’s also a spin-off sequel to 2018’s Blindspotting, which was written by Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs, Jess Wu Calder, Ken Lee, Tim Palen, Emily Gerson Saines, and Seith Mann. The series’ producers are Jasmine Cephas Jones and Chrisann Verges.

How Soon Will Blindspotting Season 2 Be Released?

The production companies involved are Dreams with Friends Inc., Snoot Entertainment, and Lionsgate Television. Starz is the series’ original distributor. The United States is the country of origin with English as its original language.


The Blindspotting television series was released on 13th June 2021 on the streaming service Starz. Then in October of the year 2021, the show was renewed for a sequel.

The show is set a time lapse of six months from the events shown in the film, the show revolves around Ashley (played by Jasmine Cephas Jones) after her boyfriend and the father of his child, named Miles gets arrested. Thus, forcing Ashley to move in with his mother.

What Is Blindspotting Season 2 About?

Blindspotting season 2 streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Amazon prime videos and Hulu. The release date has not yet been released by the makers of the show, it is expected to be released by the end of 2022 or in the start of 2023. After the show’s official release, it is expected to be available on other online streaming websites as well like Fmovies, Dailymotion etc.

Series Name Blindspotting Season 2
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs
Producers Jasmine Cephas Jones
Chrisann Verges
Composer Ambrose Akinmusire
Michael Yezerski
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Number of Seasons 1
First Episode Date June 13, 2021
Final Episode Date August 8, 2021
Upcoming Season Release Date Not confirmed
Main Characters Ashley Jones, Trish, Janelle
Main Cast Jasmine Cephas, JonesJaylen Barron, Candace Nicholas-Lippman
Where to Watch Starz, Amazon prime videos, and Hulu
Nominations Film Independent Spirit Awards
Guild of Music Supervisors Awards
Filming Location Oakland, California, USA
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Blindspotting Season 2 Expected Release Date

Blindspotting season 2 release date has not yet been provided by the makers of the show. The filming is still happening, the movie is in its production phase. The makers will soon release the exact release schedule by the end of the year 2022.

Blindspotting Season 2 Plot

Blindspotting Season 2 plot It is expected to put primary focus on Ashley navigating her way through the middle-class life in Oakland, when Miles, the father of his child and his boyfriend was suddenly arrested. Thus, leading her to live a chaotic life filled with minute troubles and existential crises which are not all bad and shabby but humorous too at the same time.

Where To Watch Blindspotting Season 2?

The upcoming season of Blindspotting season 2 will be available to watch on the online streaming platform Amazon prime videos and Hulu. No information has been provided by the makers of the show as to where else the show will be available to stream.

Blindspotting Season 2 Cast

Blindspotting season 2 cast includes the show’s main characters including Ashley Rose (played by Jasmine Cephas Jones), Trish (played by Jaylen Barron), Janelle (played by Candace Nicholas-Lippman), Earl (played by Benjamin Earl Turner), and Sean (played by Atticus Woodward).

The other characters that are expected to be appearing in the upcoming season two in recurring roles are LeVar Burton (previously seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation), Katlynn Simone Smith (previously seen in Empire), Tamera Tomakili (previously seen in Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty), and Tim Chantarangsu (previously seen in Laid in America).

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However, their roles have not yet been disclosed by the makers of the show.It was also announced by Starz that a few rappers will also be guest-starring in the upcoming season’s episodes including E-40, who will be playing himself, P-Lo, who will be playing himself, and Too $hort who will also be playing himself.


The other recurring characters that were seen in season one is Helen Hunt as Rainey, Rafael Casal as Miles, Justin Chu Cary as Rob, April Absynth as Jacque, Margo Hall as Nancy, Andrew Chapelle as Scotty, Lil Buck as Buck, Jon Boogz as Boogz, Anthony Ramos as Yorkie, Lance Cameron Holloway as Cuddie, and Leland Orser as Carl.

Social Media Talk On Blindspotting Season 2

It has been confirmed that Jasmine Cephas Jones who plays the role of Ashley will be returning for the upcoming season 2. Atticus Woodward will also be seen reprising his role in the upcoming episodes.

Fans are readily excited for this upcoming season of the show. The series has received a lot of positive reviews from the critics and audience for it being a wonderful example of a show where the primary focus has been put on the distinct and authentic stories about women of the society, the lives led by these women being on the side of the underrepresented class of people.

What To Expect From Blindspotting Season 2?

Blindspotting season two will also be focused on the show’s main lead character Ashley (played by Jasmine Cephas Jones). Season two will be taking off from where season one left. The upcoming season will also be filled with some dark adult comedy simultaneously dealing with the gruesome part of reality as well.

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Where life will be portrayed as a boat balancing between the good and Bads of the world. The director is known to be highlighting the Bay Area culture through his dance and choreography, just trying to give a glimpse as to what might be going inside the protagonist’s head.

Ashley will be seen dealing with the situation with much greater knowledge and better strategies. The audience might also expect a few new cast members to show up in the upcoming seasons of the series. It is confirmed that a few rappers will be making an appearance in the show including E-40, P-Lo, and “Too $hort”.

Blindspotting Season 2 Episode Guide

The episode guide for the upcoming season two has not yet been disclosed by the makers of the show but it is expected to be having a total of eight episodes with each episode having an average run length of about thirty to thirty-four minutes just like the previous season one.

Also, the show will not be releasing all its episodes of the upcoming season in one go, it is going to follow a weekly release pattern. The series is primarily made in English, but it will also be available to stream in other dubbed versions as well. Thus, it is expected to follow a similar pattern to the show’s previous season.

Is There A Trailer For Blindspotting Season 2?

The Blindspotting Season 2 trailer has not yet been released by the makers of the show. It is expected to be released by the end of the year before the series’ official release date.

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