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Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Accused Of Stealing Their Book’s Idea!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have never stopped being in controversies. Both of their lives changed drastically when they stopped starring in Little People Big World. Now, things like poor hygiene, farm feuds, and poor parenting trail behind their name. However, fans think that they have one more thing to add to that list now: potential theft. Many LPBW fans believe Audrey and Jeremy’s upcoming book is a copy! Keep reading for further details on this alarming matter.”

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Plagiarised Their New Book?

The once idyllic relationship of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff began to sour when the quit their much-beloved show, Little People Big World. Since then, they have been trying to cash in on their fame by releasing a series of books under the name “Beating 50 Percent” as well as hosting a podcast and publishing journals for fans. However, one observant viewer recently noticed something strange about their latest venture…

Audrey &Amp; Jeremy

According to Soapdirt, fans discovered that another author by the name of Korie Herold had released a book called “Our Christmas Story: A Modern Christmas Memory Book” in 2019. This book and the LPBW couple’s new book have very similar front covers, including a green background and golden font. On top of these similarities, both books have three different subcategories with the same name. Hence, many viewers feel that Audrey and Jeremy completely ripped off this idea from Herold’s book.

Backlash occurred when fans found out that Audrey was following Korie Herold on Instagram, as this hinted more at the “potential stealing” of ideas. Many LPBW supporters argue that having a Christmas journal is very common and that no one has stolen anything because of this. However, Jeremy and Audrey have not yet responded to the backlash.

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LPBW: Audrey Hints That She Is Pregnant With Baby #4?

Audrey &Amp; Jeremy

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff update their social media followers often, sharing details about both major and minor life events. In the past, Audrey had mentioned that she wouldn’t mind having another baby, but no further updates were given on the matter – until now. Recently, many viewers have speculated that young mother is pregnant with her fourth child due to son Radley’s recent birthday celebration.

Audrey took a trip down memory lane and shared some old pictures of her husband, which led many viewers to believe that she might be pregnant. However, there is no confirmation about it at this time. If the couple is expecting, they will make an official announcement on their social media channels soon.

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