Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher decided to chug a beer with Savannah Guthrie on ‘Today’ in order to ‘pre-game’ the NYC Marathon.

Carson Daly then brought out some Vaseline to fix the issue, along with two glasses of beer. Guthrie, 49, explained that this is how you “carbo-load” before a big event. Daly noted that this is how you get those last 0.2 miles in!

Guthrie said that marathon runners “always chug” a beer before the race. In response, Kutcher asked if she would join him. He stated,”I will chug it with you if you down the whole thing.” The NBC News co-anchor agreed and they both downed the beers on live television. Guthrie finished just a split second before Kutcher who then remarked: “I went to college!”

Ashton Kutcher

“So did I,” Guthrie exclaimed as they shared a high five, before clutching her stomach and adding: “I feel terrible. Don’t do that at home!”

Kutcher’s morning libation came after he told PEOPLE that Thorn foundation has been searching for more than two years.

Last month, Kutcher said with tears in his eyes, “I put that kid on the other side of the finish line. I know she’s out there and I want her to know that somebody’s coming for her.”

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher, who conceived the idea for Thorn with his then-wife Demi Moore 15 years ago, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by running in the NYC Marathon to raise awareness for the issue.

“Our goal is to get people talking about something that they’re passionate about–in this case, running a marathon,” Kutcher said. “People are often more receptive to hearing things from someone with similar interests. So, by getting the conversation started on something like running a marathon, it creates an opportunity for us to talk about the other thing we want them to be Passionate about: having conversations With their children.”

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