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Olivia Mafs Australia: Are Olivia and Jackson Lonie Still Together?

Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie were two of the most talked-about couples on the E4 reality show, Married at First Sight Australia. Olivia, a former teaching assistant, wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion, which led to more than one argument with Jackson on the show. Even though their relationship was challenged because of this, they left the experiment together.

Are Mafs Australia’s Olivia Frazer And Jackson Lonie Still Together?

During Olivia’s time on MAFS Australia, she and another bride, Domenica Calarco, got into a heated argument. Olivia posted a picture of Domenica taken from her OnlyFans account and showed her naked.

She got in trouble with the experts because she shared the photo without permission, but Olivia said she had “no empathy” for her. After the experiment, Olivia and Jackson kept seeing each other, but after 10 months, they broke up.


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On Instagram, the two individuals who used to be together broke up and announced it. They stated, “We’ve decided to go our separate ways after 10 wonderful months together. We’ve always had a lot of love for one another, and that won’t change as we become friends.”

“We love and respect each other deeply, and no one is to blame for this relationship ending. We hope you can all be kind as we work through this privately.”

Before they broke up, Olivia and Jackson made some racy videos for OnlyFans. She is still on the paid site and hasn’t taken the videos down. Olivia keeps posting new photos of herself. The most recent one shows her in sexy white lingerie.

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She used Instagram to promote her OnlyFans account, where she stated, “I’ve found my stride again. ” Come see for yourself.”


She said that her job loss was “a direct result” of her being on the show. However, the Daily Mail said she quit her job and wasn’t fired. Season 10 of MAFS Australia is being filmed in Sydney right now, and it will come back early next year.

For the time being, fans of the show in the United Kingdom can watch the seventh season of MAFS UK, which just aired. The seventh season of MAFS UK premiered on Monday, August 29, and four couples have already exchanged vows. Each night at 9 p.m E4 broadcasts additional content from MAFS UK. These pairs include Whitney and Duka, Jordan and Chanita, April and George, and Thomas and Aidan. In the following episode, we’ll see how each couple fares on their honeymoon.

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