Are Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah Dating? Know More..

Pictures of both of these love birds have been circulating over the internet since Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah were found kissing passionately in New York City. Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah appear to have some stellar chemistry and as per the photographs, both of them had an iridescent date which romantically ended on a high note of passionate kiss and a warm hug.

Is There a Relationship Between Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah?

Now the media attention is completely on the lives of Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah as they were spotted in New York having an intimate time. According to reports, both these novice lovers were dining in a cozy way which was set apart from other diners.

According to several reports Dua Lipa recently got split up from her on-off boyfriend Anwar Hadid. These two had an on and off relationship with discrepancies and on December 2021, their breakup was official. Also at the same time Trevor Noah also had been in relationship with Minka Kelly and and later in May 2022 they decided to part ways for their good.

After their dining together and having a beautiful dinner in night that of New York, and their blithley cozy intimate space were astounding to the eyes and capturing them together now rumours are crammed on the internet about their dating life. People just can’t get enough as their sweet kissing and warm hugging photos gone circulated everyone is enjoying their private life and rooting for this insipient lovers.

One of onlooker who was there at the restaurant said to one of the media that “They were quietly sat away from everyone else at restaurant. It was clear they were into each other and sat close together throughout the meal. They left together and walked, stopping for long embraces and on the second kiss with hugs”.

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Dua Lipa is best known for her boisterous, gleeful, revealing and colorful ensembles when she is on stage. But Dua Lipa made herself appear in a subtle but casual chic-look for this date with Trevor Noah. in the meanwhile, our singer and songwriter wore a normal cool black leaher blazer with short lapels.

Trevor Noah is very stringent person when it comes to his personal life. And back in 2017 Trevor stated about his way too different flirting style as “When I meet a woman, I am still the kid in high school. I am like, Hi, my name is Trevor. Never open with a joke. It is the most horrible thing. Jokes require context. Without context, you are just some random person who came and told someone they fell from heaven or some randomness, and if you mess it up, you look worse and it seems like an insult. No humor! Just say hello. That’s it!”


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So from these expert words said back in 2017, we could infer that Trevor Noah would have done the same thing with Dua Lipa as he just said hello to her instead of having a daft joke without any context. However, now as they both are head over heels for each other, we could see more of these sorts of evenings and dinings.

New York city has it own easy way to persuade people to fall in love. The enrapturing beauty of its place would make everyone fall in love.

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Are Dua Lipa And Trevor Noah Dating? Know More..

Dua Lipa is an utterly amazing and enthralling English songwriter and singer who possess a mezzo-soprano vocal range. Unapologetically Dua Lipa is best known for her signature disco-pop sound. Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995 and within this 27 years of age Dua has managed to garner umpteen accolades. For her mind-blowing talents she has won six Brit awards, three grammy awards, two MTV Europe music awards, two Billboard awards, an MTV Video awards, an American music award and two guinness world records.


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Dua Lipa stepped into this celebrity world by being as a model and after her modeling she got the opportunity to sign a deal with Warner Bros Records in 2014. By conglomerating with Warner Bros records Dua Lipa released her debut eponymous album and surprisingly this album peaked at number three on the UK Album Charts. Following this major career breakthrough Dua Lipa released her next single album in 2018, which again peaked at number one in the UK. This album made Dua to became the year’s Longest running number-one single by a female artist.

Trevor Noah, the hottest but cutest South African Comedian, producer, writer, political commentator and vociferous television host was born on February 20, 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently Trevor Noah is working as the host of The Daily Show. This show entails American satirical news program. His outstanding performance as a tv host and his enthralling style just swooped into the lives of his audiences within a fickle of time and following in 2018, Trevor was regarded as one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

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Within a snap of fingers Noah could make his career steep with his way too different approach to being a tv host and once Noah hismelf said of his comedic influences that “The Kings are indisputable. Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby; for me personally I didn’t know of him before I started comedy but Eddie Murphy Changed my view on the thing and I definitely look up to him as a comedic influence. Chris Rock in terms of the modern black comedian and Dave Chapelle. Those are the guys that have laid the foundation and have moved the yardstick for all comedians, not just black comedians”.

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