Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper Web Value in 2022, Revenue, Age, Bio-Wiki, Youngsters, Weight, Spouse

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper’s net worth

Alice Cooper is a $50 million-wealthy American rock singer, composer, and guitarist. He is most renowned for his contributions to various rock subgenres, including hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, and industrial rock.

Cooper’s musical style is commonly referred to as “Shock-Rock,” partly owing to his usage of stage devices such as guillotines, swords, and electric chairs. Apart from music, Alice Cooper has pursued various other interests, most notably film and television acting.

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Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4th, 1948. Furnier was reared in Detroit, Michigan, and hails from a religious household. His father was an Evangelist in the Church of Jesus Christ, and his grandpa was an apostle in the same denomination who finally became president.

Vincent Furnier was actively interested in religious activities as a young kid, yet he was frequently unwell. He and his family eventually settled in Phoenix, Arizona, attending Cortez High School.

Career infancy:

Furnier made it clear during his high school years that he aspired to be a successful musician. He encouraged several of his buddies to form a faux band and perform Beatles parodies in preparation for a school talent contest.

Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway — two future Alice Cooper members – were group members. Because only Buxton could play the guitar, the others imitated him. Their performance hit the crowd, and they won the talent show. This persuaded them to become a legitimate band.

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The teenagers adopted The Spiders’ moniker and purchased a neighborhood pawn shop equipment. Michael Bruce joined the band as a guitarist after graduating from high school in 1966.

They released a single called “Don’t Blow Your Mind” at this stage, which had a moderate hit on a local level. By 1967, the band had become so used to performing in Los Angeles that they decided to migrate permanently to the city. Neal Smith also joined the band at this point as a drummer.
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Alice Cooper Career

Furnier devised a strategy to help the brand stand out in 1968. He advised that they alter their name to “Alice Cooper” to transform their concerts into dark, theatrical presentations. He suggested the name since it sounded harmless and contrasted with the band’s aggressive performance style.

By 1975, Vincent Furnier had officially changed his name to Alice Cooper to stave off legal action from other bands with the same name. Eventually, “Alice Cooper” morphed into a female evil dressed in ragged garments and smeared makeup.

This generated significant attention, and the band hit the press – precisely what Furnier (now Alice Cooper) desired.

Deal for a Record:

Alice Cooper’s big break occurred as a result of a bad performance. After they began playing, almost every crowd member exited the club. Shep Gordon, a music manager, was one of the few men who remained. He saw the band’s potential and arranged to audition with Frank Zappa.

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Zappa had recently founded a new record company and looked for unusual, intriguing performers to sign. Alice Cooper impressed Zappa sufficiently that he signed them to a three-year agreement. Alice Cooper released their debut album, Pretties for You, shortly afterward.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

The 1969 album, which included a psychedelic taste in contrast to their subsequent hard rock approach, was a critical and economic disaster.

Alice Cooper began refining their “Shock Rock” approach to living performances at this period. After a chicken episode sparked media panic, Alice Cooper recognized the advantages of continuing to feed the press with ridiculous stories.

After a news source mistakenly stated that Cooper had consumed chicken blood onstage, Zappa advised the budding rock star not to reject the accusations to help the band’s rising image.

Despite the media attention, they were unable to breakthrough. Easy action, their second album, was released in 1970 and fared considerably worse than their debut. Alice Cooper abandoned Los Angeles and went to Michigan, where their show was more well-received.

Private Life:

Alice and his wife have resided in a beautiful hillside estate in Phoenix, Arizona, for many years. Many people are startled to hear that Alice is an accomplished golfer who often defeats past professionals in celebrity Pro-Am competitions.

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