Safdie Brothers

Adam Sandler and Netflix Set New Film Project at Netflix

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but the film hopes to shoot next year.

Josh and Benny Safdie are teaming up once again with Adam Sandler for a new film set to release next year. While details about the plot have not been released yet, Netflix has confirmed that the movie is currently in development. This will be a reunion for Sandler and the Safdie brothers following their work on “Uncut Gems.”

The Safdies, after the box office success of “Uncut Gems,” have become two of the most talked-about names in independent film. Their 2020 short reunion project only whetted fans’ appetites for another full-length collaboration – which is exactly what they’re currently working on according to recent reports.

Safdie Brothers

Sandler’s upcoming film will continue his strong relationship with Netflix. In 2014, the actor signed an exclusive production deal with the streaming company that has been extended twice since. This deal makes Netflix the only place to watch comedies produced through Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions label.

It’s no secret that the Safdie brothers were developing another film for Sandler to star in.

In an interview earlier this year, Sandler said, “They’re working hard on it.” (IndieWire first heard word about the reunion as early as April of this year.) “Their work ethic is bananas. They’re always working, always writing, always thinking. I don’t know what I can tell you, but it’s gonna be very exciting. It’s different. But I don��t want them to ever say, ‘What the hell did you tell him that for?’ So I’ll just let them talk [about it].”

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Safdie Brothers

The actor continued by saying how much he loves the Safdie brothers and how great of filmmakers they are. Of course, he would love to work with them again because it’s such a unique feeling. He found it amusing when he would tell the Safdies that their future is looking bright and they wouldn’t want to talk about that or anything else besides their current film “Gems.” The brothers were just so deep in filming at that moment.

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