1899: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, & Where To Watch?

Netflix will premiere a new German period drama in November 2022 that incorporates supernatural horror and mystery. The series, which is dubbed 1899, will be multilingual and include subtitled portions. The same creators who produced the renowned Netflix program Dark are behind this project as well. On November 17th, 2022, the release date for 1899 has been confirmed.

Set in 1899, the new series revolves around a voyage full of secrets. The release date has been announced and the show will be released soon. In this article, we will get to know more about the plot, cast, trailer, spoilers, filming location, where it will be streamed, and more.

What Is The Movie 1899 About?

The new series titled 1899 is created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The genres of the show are period drama, mystery, epic, and supernatural horror. Netflix will be distributing the series which was produced by Dark Ways. filming concluded in November 2021 and it won’t be long until the release date.


The 1899 release date is set for November 17, 2022. Two episodes of the series have already premiered at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival that took place earlier this month. 1899 spoilers look promising and hint at the series revolving around the mysterious events surrounding the voyage of an emigrant ship and the different passengers on board with hopes and dreams.

Series 1899
Genres Drama
Creators Baran bo Odar
Jantje Friese
Stars Ben Ashenden
Mathilde Ollivier
Emily Beecham
Country of origin United States, Germany
Language English
Filming locations Berlin, Germany
Official Site Netflix
Production companies Dark Ways
Release Date 17 November 2022


1899 Release Date

The 1899 debut date has been announced in the past, and this mystifying horror series will be available to view on November 17, 2022. The Toronto International Film Festival’s audience received a sneak preview of the program earlier this month, when two episodes were shown there on September 12, 2022.

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The series was first announced in 2020, and production was scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2021. After a few adjustments, filming began in May 2021 and ended in November 2021 after a lengthy shoot. The series will be filmed in many foreign languages and will be broadcasted internationally.

The creators of the show have worked hard to make sure that they accurately depict the cultures they are representing. The filming was supposed to take place in various European countries, but because of the pandemic, this wasn’t possible. Even though the locations had to change, they are still very intriguing and I believe the final outcome will be great.

1899 Plot

The period drama’s plot suggests that the program will have a dose of mystery and suspense. The series will focus on a ship that is transporting passengers from London to New York. On the trip, people from various locations, races, and customs are joined together in search of better futures.


The 1899 spoilers suggest that everyone onboard the ship has something they’re hiding, and that perhaps everyone is running away from something. Fate, however, has different plans for all the passengers aboard as they journey to a new land in pursuit of their dreams. Along the way, their paths will cross with another ship on a similar course.

From here, strange and mysterious events start taking place that no one had anticipated. The hopeful journey is turned into a nightmare and several secrets are revealed onboard that connect the passengers in ways no one could have imagined.

1899 Where To Watch

1899 streaming is going to take place on the famous platform Netflix since it is also the distributor of the show. It is a German show that will include languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, and Cantonese, hence will depict various cultures.

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The series will center on the journey of an immigrant ship from London to New York, which will be filled with mysteries, thrills, horror elements, and mayhem. The trip from London to New York would be packed with intrigue, excitement, scary moments, and pandemonium until the very end. “The Ship” is the first episode in the series. It will premiere on Netflix on November 17th 2022 alongside the rest of the episodes of the show.

1899 Cast

The 1899 cast list has been released and it includes a bunch of promising talented actors that are listed below.

Emily Beecham has played the character of Maura Franklin.

• Andreas Pietschmann has played the character of Eyk Larsen.

• Mathilde Ollivier has played the character of Clemence.

• Maciej Musial has played the character of Olek.

• Rosalie Craig has played the character of Virginia.

• Clara Rosager has played the character of Tove.

Yann Gael has played the character of Jerome.

• Jose Pimentao has played the character of Ramiro.

• Isabelle Wei has played the character of Ling Yi.

• Gabby Wong has played the character of Yuk Je.

• Jonas Bloquet has played the character of Lucien.

• Chloe Heinrich has played the character of Nina.

• Ben Ashenden has played the character of Darrel.

The Talk On Social Media About 1899

The series 1899 has created hype among the audience since the show has the same creators as the series Dark which is considered to be a very unique, mind-bending series that received a lot of positive reviews. The upcoming series has an official page on Instagram with the handle “netflix1899” and pages dedicated to it on other social media platforms as well that keep the audience updated with news related to the series.

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The audience is looking forward to this program and is optimistic about it being as good as it appears. The audience has also commented on the show’s dark and mystifying atmosphere, indicating that they are anticipating its arrival on Netflix soon.

What To Expect From 1899?

The film’s introduction has already caused the expectations of the audience to be raised, as it was released by a highly regarded studio. Given that the series is led by some excellent creators who created a show which was adored by its viewers, it is only appropriate that good things should be expected from it as well. The program will focus on themes such as mystery, supernatural horror, drama, action, and an antiquated period setting.

The show is set in 1899 and will explore the cultural diversities of various people from around the world who are all caught up in a horrific nightmare. The show promises to be intriguing and entertaining enough to keep audiences captivated.

1899 Trailer

A teaser for the upcoming show 1899 was recently released, giving viewers a small taste of what to expect. The clip begins with the introduction of Maura Franklin and sets the scene in 1899. The official release date for 1899 has been announced as November 17, 2022.

The passengers of the ship can be seen as the teaser continued and it is said that all of them are there because they are trying to run away from something since nobody would want to leave where they live unless there was a major reason.

The striking phrase “people are oblivious to reality” is spoken, and short clips from the series play in the background. Various characters are seen in various circumstances throughout the film, culminating in a glimpse of the vessel heading towards a storm at its conclusion. The teaser does not offer much information but appears to be encouraging.

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